Using the Steam API key manually on the server

Yeah, it’s called “remove broken resources”.

Bruh, i’m using default resources

Default resources and basic configuration never lead to forcing you to use Steam for joining your server.

Lol, I was testing an online administrative panel and forgot to remove it from the server. Now i can join the server, thank you!

pls idont have apikey can u give me one only for my server

Does anyone else know how to remove the /steam_WebApiKey command in your server or at least the chat suggestion. Please and thanks!!

chat:removeSuggestion (

sorry to bug, but is there a certain script to put this in, or is it client or server sided?

You will be granted access to Steam Web API keys when you have games in your Steam account.

why like this?

Good evening,
This is Steam but you can use the account of a friend who has games on their account to do this.

Can’t I disable this for my Localhost?

i have a problem as i have an epic account when i want to get Steam Web API key steam says access denied you dont have this game in your library any one has any solution ): ?

Hey So I have tried a lot of things to fix this but everytime I put the steam api key where it belongs then save the config and restart it goes back to “none” How can I fix this!

Do you need a separate API Key for each server.