[Unnecessary speculation] Future plans

As you know, Rockstar announced a new part of GTA, and I have a question for the fivem developers, do you think we will get new formats (probably even more difficult than rdr 2), will you support modding, study formats, as I think that modding New gta will be even more difficult than rdr 2, and we will get the same slow development as in rdr 2 (yes, few people play it, but it’s still a game). I’ve been told by some people that it’s possible that future gta modding will evolve faster than gta 5 and rdr 2, what do you think about that?.

Sometimes I want to think about it, I’m just really scared that modding the new gta will be even more difficult and slower to develop as it was with rdr 2 and gta 5 at the beginning, we got animations after 5 years, I think in new gta we will get it even later. I don’t want to think so, but it looks like it will be.

I will post it again since I guess you ignored it on the Github Issue.

We’re certain this is a burning question for all of you: Will there be a SixM? The answer is a little complicated for many reasons. However, assuming there will be a PC port, we cannot predict what the game is like, or how complex the systems are before we make any decisions. Only time will tell!

The Cfx.re Monthly Update - February 2022 edition discusses this, also reading all these monthly updates is very informational so I suggest doing so :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply, there is no way for anyone to know what it will be about, and it is impossible to even speculate. FiveM has grown a lot and has more people working on it than ever allowing for faster updates and more features, hopefully, this also allows faster development for ‘SixM’, if that is a thing. I suspect the reason RedM development is slow is that I believe there are only a few people, mainly @Disquse who are working on it, due to it being less popular I would assume they aren’t focusing much development time on it, RDR2 is a rather unpopular game compared to GTA V.

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Yes, but we got the same animations after 5 years, although modding gta 5 is developing quite quickly, but I think if the formats in new gta are even more difficult than rdr 2, then modding will again slowly develop, probably, but I want to believe that after all we will get new tools faster than in 5-6 years.

You are asking questions which nobody really has the answer to unfortunately. It could take 5 years, it could take more than 5 years, or it could take as little as 2 years or less - it all depends on how GTA 6 is developed, when it becomes available for PC, which developers will actually take on the task of figuring things out etc.

In the essence of things, I don’t think it’s anything to worry about - it’s all just a matter of time.

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You are right, but still, I would like it to take no more than 5 years, still, I think with the arrival of new people and tools, FiveM, codewalker, sollumz, maybe future tools if the new formats are not very complex, will really make the life of modding easier and faster than it was before, I want to think so, but still, no one knows, but maybe it will get worse, probably, although I’ve been told that modding will evolve faster.

In my opinion, I don’t think modding will get any easier - unless it becomes more widely accepted amongst Rockstar (which I would bet a lot against).

If Rockstar decide to do things differently for GTA VI, which I am assuming is what they’ll do, then it makes no difference what existing tools we have as we can assume we’ll need something new once again to deal with the new game files - but that’s just one hunch out of dozens (and also important to note that it’s just my opinion - in reality, anything could happen).

I was told by two modders I know that modding can get faster, or rather faster than it was in gta 5 rdr 2, if rockstar does not interfere at the very beginning. I also hope, like others, that modding will really not be as difficult as it was in rdr 2. We’ll have to wait and see.

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