[ Union Depository ] [ Paid ] [ ESX] Linc_unidepo Robbery with a new concept

Union Depository Heist

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A fully commented and confugrable Config file wich allows you to basicly change every part of the script

** This script Includes : **

  1. Night Vision item
  2. C4 bomb crafting parts
  3. Usable item to craft a c4 upon usage

** How to Rob :**

  1. To start the robbery a drill item is required also a night vision / flash light " Night Vision is the one recommended " you will also need a Gate Cracker item so you can hack into the vault
  2. you need take the elevator down then drill the first locker wich will give you Some items including a Key for another locker
  3. upon opening the other Locker you will also recive another key and an ID badge plus some crafting items that are neded to craft the C4 bomb Total of lockers that need to be opened are 4 . you need to take down the lower building lights as shown in the video so that the vault security is down and you can see the marker when the lights turn off
  4. you can use the flash light to see around or simply the night vision item wich is Included in the script
  5. When starting the hack You will get a finger print system wich you need to solve
  6. after finishing with the finger print you will get a Data cracking screen wich requires you to right click when the white bars reach the center of it
  7. after hacking the vault and entering you will notice that all of the door are locked with a 3D text on them "[E] to use the badge " wich can be obtained from the step 3 and 2
  8. after opening the doors you can start grabbing the cash from the trolly
    " Cash grabbed from the trolly can be stolen from a certain society or just simply spawned " meaning you can make this as a robbery for a certain society’s vault for example Police
    10.you will find 6 trollies wich contains Gold at the end of the hallway Rooms wich can not be opened with those badges and can only be blown up by an explosive wich in this case is the C4 bomb that we crafted in step 3
  9. after robbing the Vault you can take the elevator up and leave the place

this script is a made and really suitable for rp servers
For his awsome hacking scripts wich are a requirements for Cracking the vault Gate

Purchace Link
and here is a 100% off code Coupon is already used Gud luck!
Code will be delted from here after being used once

you are free to modify and learn from my code, but you are not allowed to re upload it or resell it.
1. is this script encrypted ? : no it is not
2. are you planing to encrypt the script : no im not
3. Is there a config for amount of cops on duty? : yes there is
4. does it have an alert to cops as well? : yes it does

Planned Updates
Security cameras wich are only accessible for police job EDIT : Done and Integred into another script To compliment this one Link will be available soon
Cameras will be down during the blackout EDIT : Done and Integred into another script To compliment this one Link will be available soon
Backup Lights can be turned on by police after the Gate is hacked
im also open to any ideas you guys propose to be added " credit will also be for the idea’s owner and wont accept any duplicate or existing ones"
Thanks for Reading And have a Good day :heart: :heart:
Current Version 0.0.2v


SKULLS For The Win

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woow i do love this work nice job dude its work very well i love it big up


Works great. Even took the time to help me out with a few things and make it work for our server. Keep up the great work. Highly suggest it.

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