Ultimate Moonshining (Multi-Recipes, Smoke, Explosions, Minigame based rewards, Saved Objects, ...)

Underground Moonshiners

This script allows players to build Destillaries and use them to cook mash and moonshine .
I will constantly update and make improvements based on your feeback :slight_smile:
Will work on ANY framework (open server file for compatibility changes).
It includes pre made files for VORP and REDEM RP compatibility, if you want any other just let me know if you can’t do it yourself.
You can change everything from notifications, items, objects, amounts, preaty much everything.

Explosions destoying the destillary or by beeing bad cooking.

There is one minigame for each of the inputed ingredients. Rewards will change based on accuracy to the recipe value on the config.

Multiple mahses (Items, rewards and animations conifgurable)

Multiple Moonshines ( Items and rewards configruable )

Placed objects will stay after restart. (You can set multiple jobs to be able to destroy a destillary or leave it to everyone)

Built in notifications (Everything can be translated)

Collect the destroyed destillary after it’s destruction cooldown ends. (cooldown time configurable)

A huge smoke can be seen from far away when the destillary is in use or had recent activity.

( video comming soon )

This is onesync compatible.
This script has an extensive configuration file.
The configuration file makes this script super flexible.
All texts displayed can be changed in the config.
All items can be changed by you.
All objects, props and animations can be changed by you.
All reward amounts have config values.
The objects are saved and deployed on server restart.
The objects can be destroyed by Law.
You can setup multiple jobs that can destroy the objects.
You can blacklist multiple locations at your choice where the destillary can’t be build.
You can setup the temperature gap where it will be possible to build.
To make the mash production you need to have 3 ingredients.
Then you need to select the amount of each you want to input.
There is a config for the recipe so each ingredient has an ideal amount.
The closer you get to the right ammount of each one the bigger is your reward.
After getting this mash you need to cook it into moonshine.
To cook minigame they need to control the temperature with a minigame.
The more stable the cooking process was the reward will be bigger.
There is also the possibility of destroying the production.
The destillary will explode if you get it red for a long time.
If Law destroys the destillary it will also explode.
The the destillary will be able to be collected after explosion and cooldown ends.
Smoke will stay until cooldown ends.
You can choose what are the rewards.
You now can add multiple recipes.
You can now run the script on any framework.
Everything can be chanegd and adjusted using the config.

Get it here:
Underground RedM | Underground Moonshiners (tebex.io)

Code is accessible | Server side for any framework compatibility
Subscription-based | No
Lines (approximately) | 900
Requirements | None (open server file for compatibility changes)
Support | Yes

If you would like a new feature to be added just let me know :slight_smile:


Does this allow for multiple recipes? For example, if I have multiple different moonshines.

Hello there :slight_smile:
Not yet, it one of the things i would like to add soon.
I have been updating some stuff to allow more flexibility in configurable options, and added some extra stuff.
I am right now in the process of reviewing code in general because I will make it so that the script can be run in any framework including the custom ones by allowing them to edit a server side file.
Anyway I will jump on multiple recipes/moonshines soon!

Is this standalone?

Yes it can be standalone, I am now working of making an open server side file so you guys can add your own triggers in there so it works anywhere :slight_smile: it will only requiere you to add the code for giving and taking items from a player and checking the player job. Very easy thing to do if you have a custom framework. If you need anyhelp seting that up i can give support


Hey buddy quick question, would you think it would be better to have only one type of mash and the flavors get changed once you do the temperature control by beeing able to add another ingredient, or would it be better if you had one type of mash for each type of moonshine?

I personally think 1 type of mash for each type of moonshine

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Just made an update that includes the possibility to cook multiple types of mash and moonshines, you can configure all the values relative to it in the config file, so each one has it’s own amount of ingredients for the minigame.

Hey just made an update, this script is standalone and works on any framework!

I saw, thanks for doing the update. I’m excited to use this.

np mate, i want to make moonshining as cool as possible ehhehehe, i just patched an error when you had no item it was giving an error

Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to make it a configurable option where it doesn’t tell the players what ingredients it takes to make the mash? A notification pops up telling them what they need I was wondering if we could remove that.

Also, a suggestion is to have the pouring minigame have like a dial or something that has numeric values so it’s easier to gauge how much is being poured.

hi there, yeah ypu can just edit the config and change the text for whatever you want it to be. like ingredient 1, ingredient 2 and ingredient 3

A sábado, 11/02/2023, 20:01, DYNAMITE_RP via Cfx.re Community <[email protected]> escreveu:

About the meter gauge, it can be changed and display exactly the amount you are inputting.

DYNAMITE_RP via Cfx.re Community <[email protected]> escreveu no dia sábado, 11/02/2023 à(s) 20:56:

Oh it can, I must have skipped it. Ill take a look again.

I tried looking for where to find this, but cant seem to find it. Can you point me to the right place?

we currently can’t get the script to run. when the recipes are displayed you can press whatever you want, but nothing happens.

If you are too close to the still and want to set up the bucket, the still menu remains.
only relog can then close the menu