[Tutorial] Creating and editing animations for GTAV using AnimKit

Oh thank you, the last thing, where i can find this unknown1C, i have onim file and ycd file

export the ycd file from codewalker as .xml and search for the tag inside of it


Thank you, now work perfectly! You have been really helpful :muscle:

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Thank you bro! It is working! Finally can add more custom animation.

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Awesome! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kit! :rofl:


where can i find codewalker viewer help me pls


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I have a problem I want to make texture animation or at least preview it but I get this error and I don’t know what to do

UV animations are not yet supported. The support is almost done however. Going to finish it after finishing some fixes first.

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I’m breaking my head for hours :joy:

how exactly would you do this for the mp freemode male? Do i just import the skel and go from there ?

Export all default parts like jbib, head, feet i.e. 00 models, export the skel file for mp model, duplicate skel file for each part like, one skel for jbib, one skel for head and so on. Import all the parts and then you can follow the same steps for rigging the ped

I downloaded it, but the application is not an icon, when I click, paint opens, the application does not open, can you help with this?

Open .exe file, no picture :slight_smile:

but there is no exe file in it image

It says that you need to use 3ds max and a plugin. But is it possible to use blender?

Good evening, could you help me to make the animation work in codewalker because unfortunately by following the tutorial, nothing happens

The only problem I think I have is that the animation marks a pose of about a second when it is finished, how not to have this pause for a clean rendering ?

I have a question. Where can I find the mp_freemode model instead of working on a Jesus ped that I will never use on my server? I bet this is only working for single player, right?