Troll Reviews on my Server

Hi there,

I have multiple ‘troll’ reviews from people who have been banned, for context there was 1 individual who was banned for using a menu, teleporting people pretending to be an admin and racially abusing them, the same person then made a review saying we did that, it was a big joke in the server - this review is still live.

There is also two new reviews from people I had to ban from my discord because they were re-acting to public announcements with homophobic comments, now they have equally left a review each saying we are being homophobic. As a server owner who puts in easily 30 + hours a week trying to build my city, why is someone who is banned allowed to do this?

How can I resolve this? I have reported the reviews but like the original ‘racism’ review, I do not think the automated system will remove these, I can provide proof of all of these things happening.

Would appreciate any support here



There isn’t any ‘automated system’, flagged reviews do get manually looked at. However, if you don’t specify a manual reason it’s difficult to tell if a review is valid or not, and if it doesn’t look made in bad faith that is a little… difficult.

Without knowing the server ID for your server it’s difficult to look into this here though, it seems there isn’t any option to look for posts reported by a specific user at least.

As to your second question:

… discounting the case that server bans might be a reason for a review (e.g. if a server owner is banning people for discriminatory reasons), the more practical answer is ‘because the review system does not have access to your server’s ban list’.