Total Apocalypse - End of the World/Zombies Map Pack

Hello Everyone,

I have been working on the map pack that was originally posted by XanderP - The Apocalypse Project

I know he has not been around and working on this project anymore, and there still seemed to be many problems with the original map pack. Since we use this in our server I have gone through and fixed many problems with it. Fixed holes in the roads, fixed problems with maps, made some of the maps blend together with their surroundings better, and fixed many other issues. I also have been improving and updating the pack to include some new content.

This will be a project that continues over time, feel free to let us know if you have any problems with it, or notice any bugs and we will be sure to keep it updated.



  • Fixed missing roads around the map
  • Removed unneeded maps
  • Changed some maps to fit into their surroundings better
  • Fixed issues with City maps causing vehicles to duplicate
  • Added a few maps to packs



As with all releases comprised of maps and assets from others, below is a list of credits from the previous project and any other map credits. If your map or asset is in this resource and you would like some credits added then please let me know.


  • XanderP
  • Savolent
  • denedwin
  • miltonalves
  • YopatPA
  • All_NightGamer
  • Limu
  • MrAvenue
  • Fr0zzty23
  • Guristas
  • Michal10d#1572

Thanks for this, I was going to undertake something similar but gave up.

btw did you managed to fix/spot the issue of double/triple stacked vehicle props? I know sometimes codewalker likes to spawn multiple of a prop when you clone other props and drag them so if you hit one of the car props thats not static, two or 3 cars flip out of one :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes this has been fixed

I love this project, great idea :slight_smile:

I install it, but lot of part in city is empty :slight_smile:

I want to see in time how this project cane evolve , nice job guys

I will test it also, I’m so courius about the project. Anyway I think all the time we found issue we need record or take a screenshot of the problem, this for sure will help the developer to improve the project :slightly_smiling_face:

Looking great so far, although as mentioned it’s very inconsistent. You’ll be in a proper run down area then turn the corner and you’re in standard GTA.

This is just a combination of maps the entire map is not covered, just large parts of it, we will be over the next couple months adding more and more to the entire map, to make it more wide spread.

Thank you so much for making such a nice and cool map!
i love it so much <3

I’ve mapped the entire city of LS now and I have to say that in order to do so I had to go back over every single map and tone them down just to have reasonable framerates. Keep that in mind as you add more maps, keep the heavily mapped places few and far between and populate most of the map with light mapping with just enough of a hint of the apocalyptic setting that it never feels like you “walk into a normal GTA street”

I have already toned some down, because some of the maps that are already in here are way overboard. Also there were tons of overlapping maps I had to clean up and lots of invisible entities that I wiped out of some of the map files. The way I see it is the smaller each map is and the cleaner they are put together the smoother it will operate.