The Apocalypse Project - FINAL VERSION [UPDATED 20/12/2021]

Good Morning everyone.

I’ve been converting some GTA V Map mods for FiveM and I’ve decided to share what I have.
I’m aware of the bugs the map currently has but I’ll eventually fix them and update them.
Also, currently looking for people to help on the project to fix missing components and ymaps disappearing on tunnels.

EDIT: Recently I’ve been gathering a few collaborators that have been helping with the map for free. Expect more changes soon. Big shoutout to Savolent for his hardwork helping and fixing the map. He is also responsible for all newest updates that are upcoming to the map.


Currently, I’m building a Zombie RolePlay server with loads of ideas coming from the Multi Theft Auto \ SA-MP times.
If you’re a developer willing to contribute shoot me a pm on Discord:


  • Map was entirely redone by Savolent. All fixes, optimizations and crash fixes was done by him.
    Huge thanks to him.
    His Discord : Savolent#1095



[ Known Issues ]

  • None so far (New update)


  • Savolent
  • denedwin
  • miltonalves
  • YopatPA
  • All_NightGamer
  • Limu
  • MrAvenue
  • Fr0zzty23
  • Guristas
  • Michal10d#1572

(If you find your map here and it’s in the credits please contact me straight away to add you here. I wasn’t expecting to ever make this a release so I didn’t save every author’s names)


How do you put so many working cars? It only lets me have it out like 12 then it crahses gtav

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Great project. Hope you keep updating it :+1:


Instead of making 1 resource per xml file I have, I get them by sections.
Maps weren’t made by me, I simply convert them.

Thank you so much. I’ll be checking bugs and fixing them myself till I start adding more ymaps

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Good job ! Keep up the good work ! :zombie:


Thank you bud!

Hey man, I have a question. do you get sometime some YMAP files which are not opening completely? I have some (not yours, others), loaded I think properly on the localhost server, and when I start the server and go to their location to check the rendering, I have bits, or lots of bits missing (like a restaurant with only tables and windows, no walls). I have only the YMAP, and the .lua, so not a lot I can work with to try fixing. I asked you as"friend" on discord so we can chat (AiBee#9884).

It’s normal since some of those maps use props that are not vanilla.
The fix I’m currently looking is to stream those props to the server in a single script
I’ll make the fix somewhere this week and I’ll push it to the community (I’ll make a dependency of this project as well)

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ok, I understand, thanks for helping. And this script would be to be included in the stream folder or something for Ymap not linked to your server ? Anyway, please let me know if you can about that. Thanks


If you’re using the apocolypse maps I think you are, then the black squared cars around Legion are actual props, not glitches. I can’t remember the exact prop name, but if you open the xml in code walker, you can just replace them. Save the ymap and you’re good to go.

The Fort Zancudo tunnel glitch is a weird one, I’ve had that happen. I though it was due to a dodgy xml/ymap, so I made my own maps (one in menyoo and the other in code walker). Both had the exact same issue. Looked good on the out side, but as soon as you enter, the props would either vanish, or loose texture.

Yep, the underground ymaps is quite a weird glitch.
Regarding the black vehicles I know they are addon props since it was specified when I downloaded the map. I need to get those props streamed to FiveM as soon as I get hold of them

The only thing provided here is the maps.
My Zombie RP server is under development and it will take at least a month to finish.

força nisso


Obrigado! :slight_smile:

Great idea actually, don’t think I’ve seen something like this before

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Can you list exactly where to find stuff zombie related on your maps.
I have found the Zancudo tunnel and the Metro which indeed glitch. Entrance of the Metro is having grasses and treees, but once in it, I saw one fire and invisible objects blocking my PED, but don’t know what.
I saw the derailed train on the way to Paleto. On half the rd, toward Paleto, AI cars go through the train. On the way toward SandyShore, they are blocked by the train. the only obstacle would be the rocks on the ground which make the car flying through the train
2 or 3 rusty cars within Paleto and gas station with full of weeds on building

The Weed Farm is showing nothing (as compared to your picture)

Sandy Shore, I saw only the trees forest, and building at the airfield, between airfield and Yellow jack.

It is only a description of what is appearing or not on my screen (not a critic). Going through the map a lot also. My textures are on normal, and I stopped all my other scripts (which were not or few causing that) so I don’t know if it is yours causing it.

Motel full of grasses and so on, ok

Human Lab is showing grasses and trees (base of the trunk) but they are levitating. they arrive between knees and belt of the standing PED

so I think the Dead or Alive works, at least part of it.
The Dead or Alive 2, I don’t see what/where they represents

Ah and I just found the highway also, at full speed on a bike with snow. The trees are more dense than the train in Paleto. Stopped my bike right away

Have you checked Legion Square and so on? The map was updated, I believe the Weed Farm (O’neils) I had to remove it due to some lag issues but will be re-added later. Also, Sandy shores is way different, check route 66, the airport , the PD and so on, the map is full of stuff

Little late to the post, but I think you overdid it with the amount of vehicles. Other than that, amazing work!

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