TOS Guns and Cars

I just wanted to know if anyone could tell me if debadge cars are ok. I’ve been doing research and it’s been a lot of confusion. Also guns could having Glocks be against TOS?

The short answer to this is NO

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Community Pulse - October 2023 Edition

The issue with glocks and guns is two fold: trade dress and name.

In some cases, you can use these guns with their original name due to nature of their manufacturing. For example, you don’t need permission to call your gun an ak47.

You need permission to use the model if it’s from another game, but if you buy an original model/model with rights, you can call it an ak 47. Soviet Russia didn’t care about copyright and trademark, especially for weapons.

for a Glock, the unique design and look of a Glock may be protected by trade dress. However, seeing as there are many Glock clones existing without legal issue, it may be that Glock only has protection on their brand name.

In this case, you can probably use a model of a Glock or a look alike and give it a military designation. Armies do not trademark military designations.

In the case of a Glock 19, you could call it the L131A1, the British armed forces designation.

Instead of using the Ar-15 use the m16, the us army designation.

The easiest thing to do is use guns that look like the real thing, are not exact copies, and use either made up names or mil designations.