[Tool] YMAP & YBN Mover

After moving the whole new island I have missing IPLs in the buildings. Basically you’re falling into a drink when entering a buildings of Cayo Perico after it was relocated with the tool. Suggestions?

After moving the whole map im falling into water

hello i moved the island of cayo perico with his tool which is very good thanks and great work so after moving the island the interiors of it no longer have a collision when entering interior the ped falls into limbo which would be the solution for that?

use a tool called 3dx (GIMS) it converts your 3d projects into files in GTAV format after that just create a _resource.lua and a stream folder just throw the files in the stream folder and put some parameters in the _resource.lua and you are ready is transmitting your 3d projects on fivem :slight_smile: now you can share your 3d projects with me :slight_smile:

How to get off set of a ymap file in codewalker…?

It had Entities extents Min and Max , Streaming Extents Min and Max…!

I have no idea on how to get off sets …
Please do help me out.

If you are kind enough then could you please tell me how to get its offset correctly