[Tool] vWeaponsToolkit - Create Addon weapons with ease!

OMG This is amazing! I can’t wait to start running tests with this.

Does this work for melee weapons? Such as switch blades, knifes, bats, etc?

In my experience, it works super duper well for melee weapons. I’ve made about 20 super quickly and easily with it, just make sure you choose a good starting weapon to base it off of, since it determines what animations it uses. It’s only vanilla melee weapon templates right now though.

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Has anyone successfully added a sniper scope, that works when you zoom in?

When i do it, I zoom in but its my whole screen… no actual sniper scope view.

Next question would be, Once a addon is added (I can see it in my vmenu addons and everything, and can spawn it from there) - How do i get it to work with ESX.

for example, I dont want to use vMenu.
I have updated ES Extended Locals and weapon cfg with:

– In local file –
[‘weapon_sauer101’] = ‘Sauer 101 Rifle’,

– In Confg file–

name = ‘WEAPON_SAUER101’,
label = _U(‘weapon_sauer101’),
ammo = {label = _U(‘ammo_rounds’), hash = (‘AMMO_SNIPERRIFLE’)},
tints = Config.DefaultWeaponTints,
components = {
{name = ‘clip_default’, label = _U(‘component_clip_default’), hash = (‘COMPONENT_SAUER101_CLIP_01’)},
{name = ‘scope’, label = _U(‘component_scope’), hash = GetHashKey(‘COMPONENT_SAUER101_SCOPE_LARGE’)},

Then added it to our store script. But when I load into game and buy it - it tells me ive bought but doesnt appear in the weapon wheel.

Heres the file I made for the gun:
Sauer101.rar (18.0 MB)

^^ bumping this…

When i hit next after searching for files it says no valid weapon model found. how can i fix this?