This week in FiveM: September 5th, 2018

Another week, another short status update. This time, it’s waiting for you together with your daily :newspaper_roll:.

Events, Progress & Stuff

  • Some improvements and fixes were done on OneSync. Population has been reactivated, and a number of bugs caused by it (but not all of them) were fixed. Tests were had internally.
    • Bits and pieces of bandwidth optimization were done, to make population actually possible, even on full servers.
    • Visibility culling was implemented, but also shows that sometimes some peds don’t get cleaned up properly. That implies there’s still work to be done.
    • There’s still no ETA, don’t ask for one.
  • A number of bugs were fixed. Notably:
    • An issue preventing emoji characters (and others) from working on commands.
    • A weird one that caused some issues in C# resources.
    • A pull request by @IceHax fixing accuracy in the Node.js implementation.
    • @Hellslicer struggling with Docker build variables. Why?
    • Another Node.js bug fix, probably for crashes using zlib.
    • Re-enabling the actual console for server-side JS resources.
  • A few minor improvements were made to the actual client/server, however not in the production branch yet:
    • Lazy-loading natives in order to reduce the memory usage per Lua script runtime. This was inspired by a user complaint showing a lot of resources each using 4-5 MB of RAM minimum.


    • The server console now should print asynchronously (this should reduce hitches caused by console printing on Windows), and supports color codes (^0-^9) in output.
    • We updated the build hosts to Visual Studio 15.8, this caused a brief disturbance in canary functionality since another new code generation issue appeared, which we quickly fixed with a workaround.
  • Discourse had received another update, including a new plugin installed created by @Vespura that posts friendly reminders when people post topics in #technical-support.
  • We published a WIP todo list that we try to maintain, though sudden improvements are usually made ad-hoc and not posted as to-do entry on there. Don’t mind the weird bugs.
  • Not much of interest happened outside of this - most work was put into the minor OneSync improvements, and getting this post out on time and not right at the end of the day in CEST.
  • Snails are bad, okay?

Wondeful! <3 20020202

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You’re the worst element ever

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Tons of little improvements, I like it :smiley:

and it was pretty fun testing 1s with community members :slight_smile:

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I’m enjoying these weekly updates, keep it up!

Can’t wait for the next one aha :slight_smile:

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will these be documented more or does it work automatically?

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There’s only an opt-out which doesn’t seem to be actually needed so far.


The memory utilisation of my rather small LUA resources was something that bothered me, I’m glad this has been resolved. :grin:

Thanks guys!

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How about C# resources? Mine still use ~4 MiB+ after a 30 minutes :stuck_out_tongue:

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hey look another one of these!

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It seems like they’re doing them weekly!

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I just want to let you know that I love you guys.


I love you mraes. quit disappearing please bby.

also @SaltyGrandpa I don’t know, it seems like they are :thinking:

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Probs why it says this week :stuck_out_tongue:

Does also say they are

Good work though team, keep the updates rolling, nice to see that the whole team is not dead :smiley:

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how and when will custom clothes stream be available to everyone?

sorry if i ask but since latest updates my server cmd is not creating a log anymore… is it normal? can i re-enable it?

That log file was a bug, it was never supposed to be a feature. You can’t re-enable it, unless you add some external program yourself.

and how are we supposed to check any logs? i mean should it be a required feature like the log in client data folder?

What if i need to check for players transactions or resources warnings? should i keep looking at the terminal all the time?

For anyone wanting to have a log, on windows use powershell and on linux tee it. No issues at all.

run.cmd +exec server.cfg | tee fx.log

BIIIIG proggres! :heart: