The Furry Nexus Roleplay | First Furry & LGBTQIA Serious RP Server | Whitelisted LEO | DOJ Based |

The Furry Nexus Roleplay

We are proud to be the first openly furry & LGBTQIA serious roleplay community on FiveM, with the intended players being a part of the furry/LGBTQIA community.

We are delighted to raise the bar on the safest FiveM community ever™️ and welcome furries, non-furries, LGBTQIA and straight-alike to our community with a warm embrace.

New players, staff and LEO are needed.
Whatever you are, furry, human, LGBT, join the Discord and be enlisted before it’s too late.


The wonderous world of the Nexus demands the finest and most serious of roleplay, else thou do not decree your existence over thine realm of the nexus, I devise. Or, someone devises, I dunno who’s in charge here.

  1. 24/7 developer & support team, because sometimes bleach is useful to wash away germs.

  2. Dynamic vehicles, with custom carlock, hud and cruise scripts.

  3. Freedom without restrictions, no heavy vehicle, command, ped, weapon blacklisting, etc.

  4. We like vMenu. Yes, you heard me. vMenu is used to access most of everything on the server. [F3]

  5. Over 200+ custom emergency & civilian vehicles. This month’s rent is gone

  6. Custom EUP and vehicles, because they look so god damn beautiful.

  7. Our staff are more active than you will ever be, and I’m not trying to insult you.

  8. Extensive military, security, bail bonds and animal roleplay. A furry’s wet dream.

  9. DOJ-style roleplay, hosted in London, England for Europeans that want an American roleplay experience.


The server is up 24/7, excluding daily restarts.
If the server has low players, please join the Discord to get notified when roleplay starts.


All departments (except for Civilian) are below and the amount of slots available.
Each department and sub-department have their own unique vehicles, EUP and procedures.

  • LSPD: 17 slots.
  • SAHP: 15 slots.
  • BCSO: 17 slots.
  • SAMS: 19 slots.
  • DOT: 15 slots.
  • Subs-departments
    • Dispatch
    • Gang Task Force
    • Air Unit
    • Bike Unit
    • Special Response Unit

No in-depth application is required to be completed during the settlement phase of the server.

Special events

These don’t happen on a regular basis and require special permission, but are available for when the time is right, all including their own custom EUP and vehicles.

  • Secret Service: motorcade/convoy, presidential assassination.
  • Military: evacuations, rappelling/deployments, fight against Taliban.
  • Taliban: planned attacks on LEOs/stations,


A showcase can be found here.
In-game screenshots can be found on our Twitter.

My favourite links

I like this one
But I also like this one
I can’t make my mind up :thinking:



yeah i don’t think anybody gonna join ur server with that name and that logo lmao

The server is intended for an LGBTQIA/furry player-base, maybe you should pick a name, Mr. non-furry. :stuck_out_tongue:

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New to The Furry Nexus Roleplay

  • Additional custom EUPs have been added.
  • Additional vehicles have been added, for a total of 240+ emergency & civilian vehicles.
  • General scripts have been reworked for server-specific requirements.
  • Other general bug fixes and QoL additions.

More development information

You can get live detailed updates on the server in the community Discord.
Make sure to get enlisted to help the server pass the settlement phase.

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I think this may be my new favourite server

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Thank you! I’m glad to have players like you in our community.

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New to The Furry Nexus Roleplay

  • Cleaned up the Sandy Shore and Mission Row police stations with a new look.
  • Adjusted common motels with better interiors.
  • Added further SWAT, SRU and undercover LEO vehicles.

More development information

You can get live detailed updates on the server in the community Discord.
Make sure to get enlisted to help the server pass the settlement phase.

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best server ever everyone should come join!


Thank you, major bug fix

Thanks to your help, we’ve identified and resolved a major arbitrary issue players have been receiving during connection, randomly causing a non-pending “Connecting to server…” which doesn’t conclude.

Your participation in bug squashing is extremely helpful, so please report bugs if you encounter them.
You can keep yourself up to date with server maintenance & updates on our Discord.

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Thank you for the kind words, Jacob!

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If you’re interested in our open-source work, you can check our GitHub for custom made scripts,
including our Axon Body 3 bodycam and framework.

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All maintenance & incidents can now be seen on our statuspage, including automatic in-game notifications whenever there is an active incident.

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LEO are still wanted

Please pop over to our Discord server to apply for any of the following departments:

Good server, very accepting, easy application. Come join. More people more fun

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This is a joke right?

What’s a joke?

We have a Twitter and a TikTok where in-game screenshots and videos are posted, including showcases of departments, vehicles and EUP.
You can check out our mini showcase on TikTok.
Featured screenshot of the day:

hey its meeeeee

Jacob, you need a 51-50

Maintenance was undergone today, releasing many bug fixes and new content, vehicles, etc.
You can get more details on our Discord server.