The End of ToS violations?

We have a question regarding the recent implementations and shutdowns of the FiveM / Rockstar ToS

There was a wave of restrictions at the beginning of May - servers were shut down. As a result, many servers have taken the trouble to revise their system. It cost us weeks of time and a huge amount of investment to change whole system to be now into the ToS. We lost a huge part of our community knowing that this is the future of FiveM. We drop from 200+ players prime down to 120+

Now we see NO further development in that case. Nothing happens anymore. Our emails with CFX have also remained unanswered since the warning. We also haven’t seen Community Pulse since May. We also see in the TOP 30 servers in our country that MOST of them are still violating the ToS and nothing is happening anymore. I mean its like “unfair” because just a few servers got warnings, doing a lot for the changes to be fine with the ToS with the knowledge, it will happen to everyone. But now some honest servers have done all what is needed, lose players that simply moving to servers, that still breaking the ToS & nothing happens.

So my question; That’s it? A few servers have been contacted and taked down but it is no longer being enforced right now?

No informations anymore in community pulse or other announcements?

Would be interesting to get statements about that changes on fivem.


See this recent thread for context Thanks for getting rid of disquse

Basically they kicked out anyone from the project that did anything positive (which caused others to leave) and kept hiring friends and giving them jobs and doing nothing. Project is basically dead.


Yes and i get everytime the same answer, if i ask something about that topic:

Its just a small team for 30k servers - you need report them

But in that point am really disappointed. There is no “uniform” regulation or enforcement. It simply works according to the principle: either you are lucky or unlucky. We have many Facebook groups for FiveM, a wide reach on TikTok, YouTube and various side projects. We have educated people that one should not violate the ToS, otherwise CFX will act. Now our call and our opinion are being questioned. We lose our credibility. We are now somewhere between TOP 25-35 in our country. Before we received the email we were TOP 15-20. Now the players are running to various other servers that simply continue to offer everything that is against the ToS. In my opinion, you should either enforce UNIFORMLY for all the same regulations or leave it altogether. This will only destroy the community even more. Like i told → “HONEST” projects get damage, just because they try “standing” behind the acting of CFX & Servers that don’t care about any of this can carry on happily. So, as always, the ones who suffer are the ones who follow the rules

We have written to the compiliance mail, we have opened a topic in cfx forum & we write here right now. I don’t necessarily want an answer about their workflow. I would rather understand why they dont take 1 day to sort the TOP servers via the server list filter and simply contact the TOP 20+ servers per country within a day just like (a few) other servers before. (Like i told already, it takes ME ALONE just 30 minutes, to figuring out 100+ servers violiating ToS just by sort by players and join discord servers from different country servers - How than even a “SMALL” team, can not take 1 day time for it?). This would make it UNIFORM and the same for everyone. But as it is, only the projects that adapt and adhere to the ToS are currently broken. That can’t be the point of the fact that the servers that violate the ToS are currently getting bigger and the servers that are adapting are losing more and more players (because all players moving to servers that still offer real brands for example) Enforcing the ToS while not losing FiveM players only works with UNIFORM ENFORCEMENT in my opinion.


Take down/copyright warnings usually go out in waves, and there’s likely a process of checking if a server has complied or not.

CFX/FiveM likely isn’t looking to mass shut down every server all once and then deal with the mass chaos that would follow for players, server owners, etc.

From what I’ve seen, it seems a number of servers that get warnings to remove violating content, and then after that period of time they’re taken down if they continue to have that content. There’s likely metrics/requirements we’ll never see about how they have to do this, how long before take down, etc.

Would be awesome to get more clarity about how all this stuff works, but it seems to be slowly enforced across FiveM. Releases used to be a total disaster of Copyright violations, and now it’s more or less wiped of the vast majority of violators.


But that fact is simply not correct & that what i am not understanding.
In our country for example just 5 “warnings” for “bigger” projects happen.
After that nothing happens anymore. (we was one of that 5 projects)
It means → we was forced to change everything to fit the ToS → thats fine.
But MOST TOP SERVERS in our country in TOP 30 still violiating the ToS.
It leads to the issue, that the 5 projects just got damage and losing players (because now all the players moving to the other TOP 30 servers, that still have ALL real brands)

I dont say, that they should “set down” all the projects.
I say just, that for FAIRNESS it needs a uniform enforcement.
If they contcat 5 servers & warn them, they need also contact the other TOP 30.

Otherwise they just damage “few” projects & overall nothing change in general.
Now we just lose players, because players see that several other TOP projects can continue with real brands. If we are the “only” projects in our country → than people will not connect anymore to the 5 projects but continue playing at all the others, that not getting any warns. That can not be the point.

But that’s not true. Because the MAJORITY of all projects still offer prohibited content. Just “few” projects got warns. SOME others changed as well, as they saw that - but after 3+ weeks, where nothing happens anymore, projects dont care again about ToS.

The effect → few projects forced → changed → losing everything now.
All the projects that violiating ToS → get bigger and bigger

How that can be fair or makes sense for CFX ?
We know for example about some TOP 10 servers, that already announced, if they get violiation, they will move to ■■■■.

It means now; They get no warns → people from servers (that GOT warns) moving to that servers → AND if its to late and CFX do something again → than they will move with our players, CFX´s players → to other MOD Plattforms. GG

In other words: Whoever sticks to the rules and cooperates with CFX → loses players.

If you don’t care about the rules and are NOT planning to cooperate with CFX → Gain more and more players & steal them later for other platforms

And the whole thing is currently supported by CFX simply because they turn a blind eye.

It is quite obvious to us & what we observe; If CFX doesn’t first warn THE MAJORITY that are violating the guidelines - they will only destroy the few projects they contact. And here we come back to the principle; Either you’re lucky or unlucky. There is no uniform regulation here. If you belong to one of the 5 projects, you are unlucky and lose everything you have worked on for 1.5 years and a lot of investment.


Funny funfact btw - Thats how CFX work on Violiations Reports.

They got “all” simply → Solved → Without any response or taken action on that servers.

All of them are TOP 30 Servers that violiating ToS with Real World Brands.

That’s the truth? Report servers so they are marked as done without anyone checking? Each of these servers is 1000% violating ToS with branded cars and clothes. What other servers were warned about or even shut down for.

Would like to get a feedback for that.

I mean CFX told us → Report please → And ignoring that reports?

Each report had very detailed informations + screenshots + links.

A lot of time wasted so for that this is simply get ignored?

Than my question is → What is difference for that servers, that got ToS Violiation Shut Downs? (for the same things)

The tickets just autoclose exactly a month after submission, and no comments are made.

It would probably be better if they put some kind of generic “thank you for your report, it has been forward to the appropriate department and will be reviewed. Please note due to the nature of this report, we cannot give you any additional information regarding enforcement.”

You can just test this by leaving a comment with more info; it’ll reset the auto-close timer for another month.

The reports likely get forwarded to another internal system where these are handled, I’ve reported plenty of servers/content that’s had action taken against it (maybe not because of my reports specifically, but action was taken) and they got auto closed as well.

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Okay, thats good to know :slight_smile: Thanks for replay !

I’m excited - something has to happen. Dont missunderstanding me. Our intention is not “shut down” servers. We dont think its good for FiveM. But the servers need to be informed from FiveM about the ToS. I just want servers to receive the same information that others received to fit uniformly to the ToS.

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What did you said?

So right now, all our Reports are still “solved” and all TOP Servers continue offering Real World Brands.
I can not understand, how CFX can be fine with the fact, that the BIGGEST Servers each country can advertise and SHOW to everyone, that it still possible offering Real World Brands, during CFX make announcements, that it is forbidden & close “other” servers for the same.

It’s already gotten to the point where players are discussing on Facebook & are of the opinion; the CFX ALLOWS this & the other servers was closed, because they NOT “debagged” cars or anything. But the general public is currently being told by big servers & cfx → that it’s okay. Because NOTHING happens.

And servers, that still fit to the ToS, getting more and more damage, losing more and more players - That simply moving to the “violiating ToS servers”.

Also we wait the whole month for Community Pulse from May?

What is going on. What will happen next. More transparency please.


Just thought I would chip in and add some context here, It seems Violations of the PLA continue to be rolled out, however slowly… two fairly large communities, ‘CityLife Roleplay’ and ‘NOIRE Roleplay’ had their licenses revoked at the start of last week and were temporarily banned for the length of two weeks, beginning the 17th and 19th of this month.

I have noticed, at least from the past few months, that Tebex are doing a lot of work ensuring that stores are compliant too, a lot of large servers that have had non-compliant content on their stores have received emails from Tebex warning them of this, some have also had their stores taken down temporarily until they’ve become compliant too… so It does seem that ‘The End of ToS Violations’ isn’t entirely true… they’re just continuing to roll everything out exceptionally slow.

As for everything else, like the reports the OP has created and the lack of community pulses… :man_shrugging:

I agree with this.

Multiple Australian server aren’t following TOS compliance and have actively grown in players at our own detriment of us doing the right thing.

Rubbish system inadequately enforced.


It’s just a shame that nothing is happening. Not even a community pulse anymore. Unfortunately, as one of the TOP servers in our country, it deprives us of any hope of improvement. “Bigger” servers are still getting bigger because they offer brands & servers that adhere to the ToS are losing more and more players. And what’s even sadder is that it looks like the solution is to switch to other platforms. Because servers do that & they seem to be doing better there now. Without any restrictions or problems. Unfortunately, the only people who are currently “suffering” here and the projects are broken due to this approach are the servers that adhere to the rules and ToS. Ignoring the ToS seems be fine. That is the impression that is conveyed by cfx at the moment. And the only mistake is that it doesn’t work regionally on an uniform enforcement. 5 out of 2000 servers receive a warning. 5 servers adapt to the ToS. And 1995 carry on as before. So who is really being punished here? From what I can tell from experience, only the 5 who cooperate instead of the 2000 that still violiating the ToS. What irony. And what has changed as a result? What has become better as a result? Which laws are being followed by the majority? None & nothing has changed. The vast majority have continued as before for over a year. Because reports are processed for 300,000 requests that are checked with a number of false positives, instead of simply starting independently from top to bottom for each country and checking the largest servers in 5 minutes. We submitted a list of over 40 servers and were told that “spamming” reports doesn’t help. On the other hand, reports are requested. But if someone really makes an effort to write legitimate and detailed reports, is it wrong? What does CFX actually want then?


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