The Diamond Casino Enterable MLO

Tested by 5 people , broken for all (4 of them without any graphic mod)


Its a LOD issue i have not found a fix

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Please show us how to put this in our FiveM server

First nice job! but i have just one problem.
The casino wheel is not working, it just show a black wheel insted of a colored wheel like in gta online
hope you can help.

Tunnel texture loss, lod issues outside and on the rooftop, I’m not sure this is worth the hassle :slightly_frowning_face:

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I do have the same issues. A whole lot of map parts are missing with this casino :frowning:

you’re the plug!
just ended up deleting the lodlights folder and no more texture issues.
tested it side-by-side with and without the folder loaded, but i couldn’t find any visual differences.

if I run into any issues because of it, i’ll post an update.


You have to get the casino script for that to work.

You know if you can get it vRP?