The Criminal Enterprises Update (mpsum2 / Build 2699) - Infos

And what exactly do you want to have added here?

All the new Blips and Peds. Then other Third Party websites will most likely add the rest.

I cant spawn the new weapons


Same, Added it to the weapon.lua etc.

why both interiors not loaded for me ?

Has anyone found any natives related to the metal detector? Perhaps an equivalent of IsPedShooting that would indicate some function that is supposed to be done when INPUT_ATTACK is active

how to add the new weapons?

how did you spawned the new weapon?

GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), `WEAPON_PRECISIONRIFLE`, 999, false, true)
GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), `WEAPON_METALDETECTOR`, 999, false, true)
GiveWeaponToPed(PlayerPedId(), `WEAPON_TACTICALRIFLE`, 999, false, true)
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I’ve updated my script that gives all the weapons.

Link to script

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Until the new DLC drops on the Release channel, expect bugs, weird behavior, etc etc. You guys are essentially beta testing at your own risk and by using Canary and enforcing that gamebuild, you’re saying “I’m aware, I understand”.

The update is already live in production (Release channel).

Ah, nice :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been out of the loop lol. It was on canary for a bit

Need to put the new weapon in es_extended ?

Since I update my server for testing purposes I experienced a overall performance rise. I actually don’t know why but on my txadmin heatmap in svMain I had lags before I updated the game Build and now I got 0 lags. I actually don’t know why but well if it works it works :grin:

constant crashes near chicken shop in the south side, in the last 5 artifacts builds, have had to revert back to recommended build after trying each, each time. Happens with the various “canary” options, too. Really eagerly looking forward to a stable version. Real excited.

There is a stable version on release channel. It may be a conflicting MLO or map in that area, as I don’t personally crash there.

Hello, legend.

I thought it might have been an interior, or mlo around there, as well, but there only things around that area are gabz related. I suppose if I knew where exactly (in a video or something) the new interiors with the dlc are located, I could try to find the cause, but crash logs are the worst for me to read XD same crash log every time, tho.

also, i might be missing the exact location of the release version in question. Could I bother you so much as to possibly provide me with a direct link to which exact version is stable? Sorry… on hour 22 right now, brain not functioning well.

Nevermind, I am dumb and tired.

Currently on artifact 5562, with build 2545 enabled. Every time I try to swap to 2699, no no matter if its artifcat 5562 or newer, crash in the same area. Having a guy look into the mapping for the city to see if anything is conflicting, but only happens when swapping to 2699.

Question, do you think the core being a late december build for qb, is potentially causing the issues?