The Cayo Perico Island Available for FiveM

You modify the ymaps and you stream the modified ymaps. Enable DLC level to mpheist4 or higher.

However removing trees won’t fix your problem. You will be left with invisible collisions.

I’m not here to hold people’s hands on how to fix that either.

Figure it out yourself or just put up with it.

Hi Einfachsj,

Knowing the back of its structure now I can most certainly say no: perhaps you can but it’s very hard as there are a lot of separate “parts” acting all together for several reasons (calm water, props spawning etc).

Also, FiveM now loads in the map by choosing the right game build, they’ve definitely coded that somewhere themselfs as well causing it to show up in the bottom right corner so you’d have to discuss that with them if you’re going with the build version rather than the streaming version (again, hard to adjust though).

The game crash when i add Game Build 2189

Anyone can help me ?

why does the island not spawn in but all the props do


same here cant get it to spawn in


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Can someone please help, when the resource loads up it says this when I hit f8 in game

“SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native f74b1ffa4a15fbea in script host failed: Error executing native 0xf74b1ffa4a15fbea at address (nil).”

It says the rescore is started but the island does not appear please help me I have no clue what is going on.

I did install the following in hopes to fix it but id did not work: xnCayoPerico (smooth Cayo Perico transition) [Free]

So I have no clue what is going on.

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update ur server

when i go to the island fiveM crashes any fix?

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Wow you are missing alot of files in there, were is the stream folder and client folder, beccause the map would not start without this? i have tryed just to start it, but nothing happend!

im having an issue with the island. When people go to the island and then come back people will start to glitch out and start flickering and disappering for a few seconds and then reapear then disappear again? any fix on this please?

do you have onesync enabled?

The Island isn’t showing for me

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does this work on esx?

Bruh lmfao


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Can I convert this into SP

YES! :grinning:

Did you fix this?