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Texas State Roleplay (TSRP)

Texas State Roleplay is not your average FiveM server where you see all the fun and resources poured into one department (LEO). We offer immersive roleplay, sub-divisions, and promotional structures to every single department.

We believe that in order for a server to succeed, every department matters - including the civilian department. Every department deserves to bond together well, form perfect chemistry among each other and create the best world in roleplay ever seen.

Let’s face it, most FiveM servers have access to similar scripts that they put on their servers. It’s not scripts that make a server awesome (which by the way, we have a lot of amazing scripts), it’s how we integrate those scripts with members within the server.

Server/Discord Features:

  • Full Discord API Integration
  • vMenu Integration
  • Sonoran Server CAD
  • EUP (Custom Texas EUP)
  • Our Exclusive β€˜Elements Club’ Program
  • Server Optimization to use the least streaming memory possible, and much much more.

Department Information:

TSRP - Emergency Services

In order to qualify for a department head position, you must be 18+ with verified/proof of experience.

  • Houston Police Department
  • Harris County Sheriffs’ Office
  • Texas Highway Patrol
  • Houston Fire Department
  • Houston Communications

TSRP - Civilian Operations:

  • Balanced priority guidelines to ensure realistic and creative roleplay scenarios.
  • Advanced CAD/MDT system to create, modify and maintain your civilian characters.
  • Civilian vehicle fleet with custom models and eup’s.

TSRP - Recruitment Information:

  • Age Requirement: 15+ (Mature) - Exceptions can be made.
  • Must be mature and willing to learn!
  • Must be able to run FiveM - Unless Dispatch

:warning:What makes Texas State Roleplay different from other servers?

Essentially, we listen to our community and we work upon issues to be improved upon. Not even server related things we still help our community out with. Our goal here is to have a safe, chill and happy environment for everyone to come hangout and roleplay in a mature way.

We have integrated Sonoran Radio within our server for LEO/Fire communications to enhance the realism within the server with radio communications.

Apply Here: Website | Discord

:point_up: Step up to Texas State Roleplay! Apply today! :point_up:

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My time being in this server is absolutely amazing the staff team to the Leo’s in this server are all great people and they actually listens to the community they have a lot of MLOs and ymaps that bring alot of immersive rps to this community such as a Taco Bell to a Walmart the scenes that you can come up with in this server is unbelievable this server in my opinion is one of the best servers I have ever been on they are very professional to what they do you guys are amazing please if you have the chance join this community you won’t regret it


This is the best servers I’ve played in. I have had the honor to be the Director of LEO for the server. Everything is so realistic and goes by the rules. If you’re looking for a fun adrenaline rushed server this is it. I give this server a 100/100. Definitely recommend

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I love the server! Have been here since it was created basically. All the top staff is amazing and you will get support quickly! I recommend a lot!

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bumpy dumpty

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We will be launching very soon! We are just waiting on liveries and eup’s to be done!

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Whenever I submitted my whitelist application they instantly got with me for an interview. The Founder, Chandler O., was very humble and honest with me from the start.

Once I got accepted into the server the founder and owner showed me around the server. 10/10 Staff Team by far.

I recommend this server to everyone as they even help newcomers to rp like me with open arms. Some of the scripts they have are awesome such as the drive in movie theatre, mlo’s around the map are amazing also and the server is lag free!


We appreciate you joining the community man.

Looking for Police Chief for Houston PD

We are now hiring a Sheriff Department Head.



Looking to become staff? Join today! You dont want to miss out on your opportunity.

Texas game warden department is now open for applications! Join the discord today to find more information.

We are looking for experienced whitelisted staff/members to help us out! If interested join our public discord server here > Texas State Roleplay | Public Server