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Just got removed from the Sheriff’s office here due to me playing on a different server as a civ if your not going to play here full time as leo dont recommend it, Loved the people but I get stripped of leo roles cause I want to play other servers cause I like to do gang wars and stuff in rp server’s. Was very disappointed in this. I was in DOJRP for three years before here and DOJ didnt care if I played on other servers as long as I was active. Very Sad but will find a different server that will allow me to rp in another server.

Hello Lance,

It states in our rules and regulations that we do not allow any applied position within our community to be in another server as an applied cop, staff member, firefighter or any other applied position. I was personally told that you were an LEO in another server. I am sorry you feel that way have an amazing time playing FiveM. Thanks again for checking out our server we hope to see you back one day.

Thanks, Chandler O. - Server Director.


hey can i join your server

Sure man our discord and website are linked above at the very top of the post.

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