Tethered Optic RP | EUP| TEXAS BASED| Brand New 80+ Members|Script Hook Allowed|100+ Custom Cars | Now Looking For Civilians,Dispatch and Police Officers | V menu Based | 14+ | 500+ Custom Scripts | https://discord.gg/gPTvzCY


*** :oncoming_police_car:Tethered Optic Roleplay :oncoming_police_car:***

Why choose us?

Tethered Optic Roleplay is a brand community based on the state of Texas looking for people like you, with it being only 2 months old we are still looking for new members to fill every position and to make this community grow. Our server is Vmenu based hence it is an fx server with script-hook open, no economy. We focus on the roleplay experience rather than a strict less fun economy.

What departments are hiring currently?

**** Texas Department of Public Safety***
**** Ems And Fire***
**** Server Admins***
**** Communications***
**** Civilian Operations***

What do we offer?

**** Cad***
**** Multiple Menus***
**** 100+ interiors***
**** Active Staff and Devs***
**** 200+ Custom Vehicles***
**** Custom EUP***
**** Custom Donator Cars***
**** Custom Weapons***
**** 500+ scripts to make rp fun***
**** And more!***

Our Server Mission

We try our best to make a safe space where everyone can enjoy roleplay without being mistreated or abused or even kicked for no reason.

Our Police Mission

To protect human life and property by enforcing state laws, deterring criminal activity, and providing vital support to the State of Texas.

What are the Requirements?

**** Must have a legal copy of GTA 5***
**** Must be 14 years old to apply (there are exceptions to younger people)***
**** Must have a working/decent quality mic***
**** Must have discord/TeamSpeak***
**** Be able to follow chain of command and rules/regulations***

Must be mature







@darionhothead are you guys looking for a server admin???

This server isnโ€™t like any other server Iโ€™ve joined in the past few years Iโ€™ve been playing FiveM, both the owner and co-owner are the most down to earth people you will meet, they treat you as you are family to them. But thereโ€™s more, this server isnโ€™t like others as I said before, every RP is different than the last and changes constantly. If you want a server that you want to call home then tethered optic is the server for you!


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I donโ€™t know why I ask, but is it possible to like sort of rp as like a dog sorta? I like to do that ya know?

As long as itโ€™s in reason with the situation you plan on doing, go for it! give us a try and see what we are all about!

cool, so ill take that offer if ya want

yes sir!

Come check us out! We are always adding new opportunities to our community and would love to have new members add on to what already is growing! what are you waiting for?

Drive in movie tonight in server! Be there or be square!


there ya go man https://discord.gg/g57jWa6

New vehicles have been added to the server! We are always open to ideas on what to add, if you like what you see, come join us!

If you are looking for the time of your life and the best role playing experience join tethered! Weโ€™d love to see new faces and have a wide range of members with different ideas of scenarios and such!


Looking for a police dispatch, you will get benefits for doing so!