Survival Hud

Survival Hud | Inspired

We are excited to introduce our new HUD, inspired by the popular game DayZ and developed with the assistance of Wais Development. This HUD is designed to enhance your gaming experience with realistic and immersive survival mechanics. Here are the key features of our new HUD:

  • Status Icons: Different icons for broken legs, wetness, and bleeding, allowing you to instantly monitor the health status of your character.
  • DayZ-Style Progression: Progress and decrease indicators just like in the DayZ game, providing a familiar and intuitive experience.
  • Sleek and Minimalistic Vehicle HUD: A clean and aesthetically pleasing vehicle HUD that keeps your screen uncluttered while providing essential information.

Thank you for choosing our HUD to elevate your gaming experience.

Thank you for your continued support!


Survival Hud | 03.06.2024 Changelog

  • Fixed display radar.
  • Fixed resource restart issue.
  • Fixed bleeding icon doesnt remove after revived.
Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500+
Requirements qb-core or esx
Support Yes

i hope the price is a joke… 72$…

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I’m %100 sure is not a reddit so theres no joke about price :slight_smile:

so good luck…

lmfao you’re a joker, cfx is exactly like reddit these last few years

Poor cfx

72$, escrowed. All due respect, that is not a great price to give to potential customers. Especially with survival servers not having huge market.


Thanks for your comment, price is high i know that but the problem is i have to pay tax for every sale i made, it doesnt matter if its from tebex or not. Tebex only gets tax for their own company which mades transactions. Turkey’s tax rates is crazy and nearly half of this money goes to tax.

Thanks for your comment, i will do some calculations and lower a pirce a bit if i can.

Hi, it’s true that I wanted to buy it but it’s really expensive, I think you would make a lot more sales by reducing the price

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Thanks for your comment, its already reduced.

This looks great for realism and a zombie server but dang even though I agree with the previous comments the price is still hefty for a HUD, conversion to CAD for me is $55 oof but I’ll keep an eye out for any changes or whatever however nice work!

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Hey, thanks for your comment. I will check prices again but im not planning to big change maybe 10 or 5 bucks cuz you guys know tebex’s fee and VAG etc. rates are very high. We made unique hud never seen one before on any kind of server. But i will change price soon.

Oh no I completely understand, the hud is pretty cool I won’t lie it looks like great work.

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New prices is available <3