Streaming / overriding scenario ymt

Ah right, fair enough man. I need to fix one of my scenarios as I just discovered it crashes. But I might actually redo it from scratch, with latest codewalker

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oddly enough I’ve tried to combine your scenario with mine and suddenly they’ve stopped working, not sure why

This is how im running multiple scenarios, is it insta crash when you load in to the game?


To remember is that manually grab the MIN & MAX from the CW to the sp_manifest

it doesn’t crash, no. and I did add that stuff to my sp_manifest, it just doesn’t load any of them

Edit: Probably made a typo or something but they all work now, just need to pop over to Cayo Perico and check out yours now :smiley:

OK, got them all working now, however I modified some stuff in my resource so deer don’t run away from the player, as they were freaking out at madrazo’s ranch - I might modify it and replace the deer with another animal :thinking:

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Cool, nice that it’s working.

I was trying to fiddle around earlier adding custom animalia to the Cayo Perico with poor success. Im still quite beginner when it comes to figuring out the right meta files. For example I tried adding raccoon (Shared by Gabz) to Cayo but didn’t figure out which meta files exactly I need to add custom peds as a scenario. First issue was getting it in a right format to be able to get it visible to CW. If anyone has more experience with this would love to hear out. Though if we manage to pull this off I think we going to have Jurassic Park at Cayo soon :smiley:

Personally I would just stick with vanilla animal models and have them working, at the end of the day, someone could replace deer with horse, and for their server, my ranch scenario would be pretty neat, however every deer in the game would then be a horse.

I’m not exactly sure how you would do “addon peds” for scenarios, besides, it’d be ruled completely useless if the server doesn’t have those peds - however if you are curious about this, I would join the codewalker server and ask there.

Maybe try monkeys or something :thinking:

Did anyone had success with simply deleting certain scenarios in original files? I tried to delete some both via Codewalker and manually inside XML export, but they still keep spawning for some reason. Tay’s scenario resource works fine, I wanted to simply replace one of scenario files with my edited one, but no change has been made. Even though the targeted scenario file is actually lighter than the original one…

So, I’d made a lot of mistakes in my original repository however we’ve been discussing scenarios in the codewalker server and over on the cfxre GitHub and figured it out. @Jaaybops_Media

I have since updated my GitHub repository to a proper working method, which includes a modified stables.ymt aka Madrazo’s Ranch, downtown construction to remove some construction workers near the broken wall, as I have files to fix walls around the job center, courtesy of @LUKY00010, and the MRPD as it is an extremely popular location and many people have custom MLOs there.

Credit goes to d-bub for the discovery of the required

data_file "SCENARIO_POINTS_OVERRIDE_PSO_FILE" "sp_manifest.ymt"

Long story short about PSO, is that allows proper data format to be used rather than “fake” ymt files, which translates in ability to stream particular scenario files. No longer do we need to stream 100+ scenarios / all just to keep the server from crashing, or to remove triathlon, paparazzi, clapping cheering related scenarios.

Info Regarding sp_manifest.ymt

  • compcache:/server_scenarios/

  • "compcache" = Means the streamed file is “custom/modified”

  • "/server_scenarios/" = Is where the scenario file is stored, NOT A VANILLA/unmodified file

  • "stables" = File name without extension, do not use uppercase or spaces if you stream a custom file name

  • Using the same name as a default original GTA 5 scenario, will override the original scenario

Chains & Clusters

Select the NoSpawn flag, then throw them under the map so they don’t visibly obstruct anything :stuck_out_tongue:

Vanilla Unicorn and other scenarios have been modified for people who may have a custom MLO in that area, however they may still need to modify the ymaps themselves, to add or remove cargens.


Glad to see this made more progress from the crashing horrors when I was first playing around with it after it was explained to me.


How can we make it so that all other scenarios in the world load as well as our custom ones. It seems like it only lets us do one or the other?

Nevermind I tried Tay’s update and it seems to work now!


when using your file, crash instant on connection with server build 2699

Original error: RAGE error: ERR_STR_PACK_2

Hello. nice work. just read all of the posts in this topic. i have been having same issues a few days.

I have a question about your resource.

this will allow to stream modified original scenario files?

What if i was to create a new would that just result in issues like ppl here have had. or would it make more sense just to edit original scenarios and add more spawns around them?

Im currently making a zombie server. and want to add more npcs so that areas like forrests and mountains . pretty much areas that normally dont have to meny nps will have a higher pop.

I’m not sure about streaming new scenarios, but I would recommend modifying existing scenarios. My resource has done exactly that.

If you don’t want things to spawn, check the NoSpawn flag. I went a little excessive and threw things under the map so I wouldn’t have to see them but, the ones with lines, IDK, i’m not knowledgeable on.

Also, my resource requires gamebuild 2189 (Cayo Perico) or higher due to the scenario points being taken from that DLC, and my own personal game files.

I haven’t bothered to do the latest DLC as, the scenarios work fine for me and if I want more stuff, I just open codewalker, click scenarios, go to where the new scenario file is, modify it simiarly to the old one (manually and painstakingly)* and stream that.

Hope this answers your questions.

You can force your FiveM server to 2189 or higher by reading my tutorial

It’s ideal to stream all files, otherwise you only have your one scenario file, as you are overriding ALL scenarios, hence the "SCENARIO_POINTS_OVERRIDE_PSO_FILE".

wonderfull thanks for quick reply,

so in reallity if i wanted to NOT have your edits. i could just copy fresh versions of the scenarios from open iv and make my own edits. and the script would acknowledge the ymt files? :smiley: since i want to raise population not reduse i can work with your edits :smiley:

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Yes, and if you want things to be higher priority, you would need to modify the scenario files.

One thing to note however, is that you would be taking your own personal files and putting it into the resource, and all of your files would be updated for the latest gamebuild, drug wars, so keep this in mind for whatever gamebuild you’re on. As long as it’s on Cayo Perico or above, it should in theory be ok, however things do change with the map in every dlc update, so you may have some weird abnormities such as a ped floating in mid air where a rooftop should have been, or whatever.

i see. well imma try make some tests edits and let you know how it goes :slight_smile:
our server is

Game Build

set sv_enforceGameBuild 2699
so i should be good.

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Question when I put my server senerios in I insta crash can you upload ur file so I can try or tell me what I’m doing wrong

Me too what was ur fix

I know this post is old but a lot of my senerios are gone like gangs and I tried to put server Senerios file in but it instantly crashes . Like I have no sea animals or anything . Can you help me or lead me in right direction