Streaming / overriding scenario ymt

This thread has been really helpful. I wanted to remove some car scenarios from outside a few houses (to stop them randomly arriving and parking… or smashing into player cars that were already there).

Followed the example on github and it all seems to be working so far

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So we have been able to start streaming custom scenario ymt’s by following this guide, however all “dormant” scenarios (i.e: triathlon/random vagos) have started appearing in areas where we are not streaming, have i missed something?

Edit: Turned them off in the sp_manifest

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Yea, you have to disable them, I had some issues turning off the triathalon secenarios in the file (even though the default is ‘false’) but as I mainly wanted to use it to confirm some options I’m happy with what I have now. Maybe a recent update is now reading the default setting, but I’ve not looked into it since.

Have you guys tried streaming custom scenarios with custom PED? I have been trying to add into the streamed scenario custom Model Sets & Type with poor success. It might be that im not using the right keys for the files. Maybe someone of you have experience with this?

data_file ‘SCENARIO_INFO_FILE’ ‘scenarios.meta’

  • In this file I have defined Type which can be referenced “CScenarioPlayAnimsInfo”

data_file ‘AMBIENT_PED_MODEL_SET_FILE’ ‘ambientpedmodelsets.meta’

  • In this file I have defined Model Set which can be referenced “CAmbientModelSet”


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Item type="CAmbientModelSet">
          <Variations type="NULL" />
          <Probability value="1.000000" />


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Item type="CScenarioPlayAnimsInfo">
      <PropName />
      <Models ref="ANIMAL_BLACK_PANTHER" />
      <BlockedModels ref="NULL" />


SO before all. Thanks everyone for the effort investigating how to stream ymt files properly.

Now, I’ve tried @lacoL resource and it works fine in my localhost server, those 3 npcs spawn at the airfield doing their morning yoga… BUT I have noticed a couple things:

First one, although it works fine, it seems to break/affect ALL scenario points on the whole map, not only in the streamed/modified ymt. I have noticed this because my goal is to deactivate Lost MC bikers and bikes that spawn at their Clubhouse near the Casino, so after streaming the sandy_shores_airfield modified scenario, I went to the clubhouse and realized that no one is spawning there, also no one spawns at the taxi company in front of it (this one uses a different scenario ymt file). I have checked both ymts (sandy shore and lost mc) and they both use these sceneario types (and probably others that I’m forgetting about):


So it seems to me that streaming any ymt file ends affecting all scenario types of the same kind all around the map, but I’m not sure if this happens because I’m doing something wrong, or it happens to everybody.

[edit: this seems to be caused by CodeWalker] The sencond thing is that when I try to modify lost_mc.ymt file by flagging all its points as NoSpawn or any othe modification, the game just crashes instantly when I get to the clubhouse. I have modified sp_manifest.ymt to match my resource, and I’m using the same server where sandy shore’s test does not make the game crash. Any clue on this?

Thank you all for your help.

Pretty much what I found it to do also, that it ignores all the default flags at the base of the file and sets everything to on. I’m not skilled enough to find out why but no matter what I tried I couldn’t get the Triathalon scenarios to be disabled (my main pet peeve with any scenario in GTA is those 3), and some point files that I did edit to remove them would outright crash the client.

The Scenario Enable/Disable natives stop ‘working’ once you swap out the pointer file.

I will also state that its not worth affecting the ‘scenrario’ you mention as those are global animation groupings, but the nodes is what you want to affect. You can affect them directly which might do it for you.

Or just Disable the Lost Scenarios with;

    and any in the pointers file ending with _Bikers