Streaming interiorproxies.meta + opening a Rockstar Editor Clip = Crash

Hey i found a bug when streaming the interiorproxies.meta file (to fix player flickering in custom interiors).

When streaming the interiorproxies.meta and opening a Rockstar Editor clip near an MLO i instantly crash with “orange-earth-uranus”. I really don’t know how to fix this problem. I only stream one interiorproxies.meta for all interiors. When i remove the interiorproxies.meta from the server, everything works fine. I can even open the old clips i took. Will there be a fix in the future? (2.0 MB)

Given that Rockstar’s interiors loading/unloading doesn’t fail, are you able to provide a minimal resource of an interior w/ an interior proxy ordering file that’ll crash?

Thats my current interior proxy ordering file with all MLOs im currently using. All Interiors in the list are crashing the Rockstar Editor. When i disable the interiorproxies.meta in the cfg, the interiors don’t make any crashes in Rockstar Editor. I can even use the old clips i took that crashed before with the interiorproxies.meta loaded.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<startFrom value="2000" />
<filePathHash value="0" />

We have exactly same experience. We had to open separate Movie Server where we disabled interiorproxies, so people cant see others in interiors most time, but they can record and edit clips.

There are a lot of servers out there with the same problem because its a FiveM bug how the meta gets handled in Rockstar Editor. I think the devs will work on a fix for it in the next versions (well i hope). :slight_smile:

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No, it is not.

It definitely is not.

See that reloading the game (disconnect+reconnect) leads to the exact same thing.

It’s a interior author bug how this shit crashes.

I think not, as you didn’t provide a package with a full resource that repros it. Just a ‘meta’ without the full related setup doesn’t help at all.

There you go. I uploaded the Interior Fix and a MLO map, that will cause the editor to crash. This is the MLO: [RELEASE] Cluckin' Bell

To recreate the crash you have to be near or inside the Interior and start recording a clip. After that just go into the Rockstar Edtior and load the clip.

There is no specific MLO that crashes the game. Its just the combination of an MLO and interiorproxies.meta. If you need more information or data let me know. (21.2 MB)

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You are not right, its happening with every interior if you use interiorproxies, no matter who made it.

Then why does it not happen with R*'s interiors that use such?

Well i have no idea how FiveM is coded so i can’t really give any “100% working” fixes how to solve this problem. The only idea i have is to disable interiorproxies.meta when loading a clip. Isn’t it possible to blacklist a specific meta file from loading, when entering Rockstar Editior and opening a clip?

Btw. its true: It’s not the authors fault because its happening with all custom interiors. Thats why i thought it needs to be a issue on how the meta file gets streamed or handled in FiveM. And R*s interiors are working because the interiorproxies.meta of the original files don’t get streamed or needs to be added to the game.


Hopefully this doesn’t regress in other ways. :confused: R* editor replay logic is weird.

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Thanks a lot! It’s fixed now :slight_smile:

Where to the go to fix this?

How you fix this

Its fixed by FiveM itself. If you still get problems, its to 99,9% a issue with your MLO.

ok Thank you ill look into our Mlos

So if it is one of my maps how could i fix it?

You need to test it. Remove them one by one or test in which location your game is crashing.