[RELEASE] Cluckin' Bell

Here is an interior from GTA IV ported over to V. We used this in our server but eventually removed it, and it’s been sitting around doing nothing. There may still be some small bugs overlooked, however, enjoy!
(note, files may be locked still because I lost the original files.)

cluckin.zip (21.2 MB)

Cool to see you publicly release this!
Remember there were issues with people crashing when they go near it?
Awesome release!

Nice work!

beautiful work friend very creative congratulations

this looks great, looks so much bettar than using tp’s

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don’t work for me :confused:

Make sure you clear your cache before starting the server up for the first time with the map


This disappears as soon as I get too close to it. No way to enter or see the inside.

also having this issue, you can clearly see the exterior from far away but the moment you get close it goes back to the original building, you can still enter but shows the original building on the outside

Direct port would be hilarious BUT!!! Anyone have Cluckin’ Bell player peds? like behind the counter HAHA <3

You can make freemode models have Burger Shot clothes on

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Does this work? I only ask because people have said they’ve had issues.

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Bit of a late response but I was able to get it working and I’ve made lore friendly clothing for businesses, including Cluckin Bell uniforms