How to use

Set resource folder name to qadr-safe

And set ensure qadr-safe in your server.cfg

This resource converted from fivem to redm.

You can create as many locks as you want.

It will be generated based on how many random numbers are provided to the createSafe function

Also, you shall only provide numbers between 0 and 99, otherwise it will be impossible to finish the minigame properly!

local res = exports[“qadr-safe”]:createSafe({math.random(0,99)})


So, are we able to create a safe in places and then have people break into them or, is it just for use like it is in the example video? As in, type in the command and spawn one on your screen but, not actually on the server side where others can see and rob.

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There’s a sound problem on this one.

When lockpick OUTSIDE a building = Sound OK
When lockpick INSIDE a building = No Sound

Love this! :heart: