[STANDALONE] Play darts with your friends on your own rules!

@TheIndra There are some problems with downloading through the Tebex on chrome web browser.

I will relist the topic, please upload your resource to another website since this is going to get people to flag this post if the download is not working.

Very unoptimized. Showing around 1.25ms when close, 0.35 when further away. There’s definitely a room for an improvement there.

Tested on few server and usage never was that high. It was usually 0.03 when out of the game and 0.05 when playing. Can you pass me some info on dm about that?

This is just driving past a building that has a dart board. It’s not even trying to use it. I’m removing it and have been recommending against it for this very reason.


how to make it work all the dart in the game? it only can play in the Yellow Jack Bar

You can play everywhere where script can find dart boards on map

I have it, its nice but EXTREMLY heavy

I’m gonna improve this code by myself because i see 3 unoptimized threads and you use a .json decode config, why? You spam it every 0MS to decode the file and check check check anything that is not important when you are not near at all.

For a paid resource this should be fixed.

Download link not working

Scripts is updated to not use so much MS and there is new link which works on every browser. DM me and i’ll send you new link.

Mate… it’s been two days since I bought your script. And no new download link yet. I’ve emailed you and dm. You stopped responding yesterday.

I know it’s cheap, but it’s runnning 3-5ms constant, doesn’t even work for me atleast, and creator isn’t responding for help. Also it’s only clientside.