[STANDALONE] Play darts with your friends on your own rules!

Fully configurable standalone darts script!

Take your friends on the trip across the whole San Andreas to play darts with them! Yes, this script allows you to play darts everywhere! The only thing you need is the board. There’s no hardcoded rules, because you’re the one who makes the rules!


None, it’s just works.


You can see it in action here.

How to buy

You can buy it on my tebex - $5.


Looks good, are you better at scoring shots when in first person though?

a little bit

bought this almost an hour ago and still haven’t received it.

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Same here :frowning: It is so easy to set in Tebex to send automatically the download link, but so many times I have to go different discord or send email, or send message here to beg someone to send me the script what I already paid for…

According to the rules, scripts are supposed to be sent via email through tebex. At least a link to the direct download.

The seller isn’t allowed to make you join a discord or make people message them to get their scripts. Straight up instant download via email or emailed link that comes from tebex. I know this, because I’m a seller.

Waiting for response of seller to people above, Tebex should be a downloadable package which people receive upon purchase. No manual sending of the downloadable content

All orders have been sent to the buyers. Sorry for that now the payment gives you instant link to download.


Hi I have a problem script it eats around 8.0 ms and there are no darts animations. He just shows up.

That’s weird. Can you provide me some footage on DM?

Just bought it, aren’t getting no download link…

Tebex should send it to you on your e-mail. It’s a downloadable package so they are sending you link to download if you haven’t got it please dm me.

is it encrypted?

No it isn’t

Seems like you have to be pretty close to get the spacebar to activate the aim. Any way to increase that range a bit?

I got the download link but when I click on it, it flashes the window and does nothing? No download shows up.

Same, download link doesn’t work. Link could use a fix.

Unlisted since download link is reportedly broken and author is not responding.

Everything works. Can you send me on dm which link are you trying to use? Because this one delivered by tebex is working for the newest buyers and i’ve never changed it.