[STANDALONE] Play darts with your friends on your own rules!

devs not responded since may so i dont think were gonna get any support for this

Hello, sorry for my inactivity. Please send me a direct message here and describe your problem in more detail.

Donwload Link is inactive. Can you refresh the Download Link ?

you have made this scripts? mother god

Why use a json decode config? It’s just a heavy way of pulling simple information that could of been done in the same language, which would be easier and less stress on the client instead of decoding a json config every frame.

I bought it, but it doesn’t work. I can start the game, but “aim” can’t get started.
Sometimes i can aim, when i stand direct at the board, but then i can not throw.
Money back or fix?

Just bought this and I am also not able to use it pas the “Aim/shoot” command prompt. Would love to see a solution.

Did you ever get a fix or refund? I’m in the same boat right now

Do not buy this product. Seller does not return emails and the script is broken. Tebex will not refund either.