[Standalone] [Paid] CS Styled Killfeed


i have brought script now and i saw .fxap so if i do any changes on script doesn’t happen nothing right ?

is there way to disable join and leave message ?

sorry my bad i saw in config

As long as you can open the file (and see the code) you should be able to edit it as much as you want. The .fxap shouldn’t stop you from editing anything in this case.

All good!

can u give me some example for custom group or for some player?
what can I do for this

Config.Groups = {
    -- This is just an example of a group/team/gang/whatever, you can add as many as you want, or even create them dynamically by calling the CreateGroup function (server export).
    ['vagos'] = {
        tag = "[VAGOS] ",
        tagColour = { r = 150, g = 0, b = 150 },
        colour = { r = 250, g = 200, b = 10 },
        members = {}

add some job code?

What you showed there is the example of a preconfigured group that comes with the script. If you want to create groups/gangs dynamically or add players then you’ll have to follow the documentation that comes with the script (can also be read on the original post).

But since there isn’t any documentation on how to set up preconfigured groups (only an example) I’ll give a quick run-through here:

['vagos'] = { -- This is the identifier of the group, it must be unique
    tag = "[VAGOS] ", -- This is the "tag", the string that gets put in front of the player's name
    tagColour = { r = 150, g = 0, b = 150 }, -- This is the colour of said "tag"
    colour = { r = 250, g = 200, b = 10 }, -- This is the colour of the player's name
    members = {} -- Leave this empty, it's just there to configure stuff correctly

The example above would produce this result when a member of the group kills someone:
(Without the explainer lines of course)

I suppose you want an example of how to make people be part of a “job group”, but that really depends on the framework you use. I’m unsure if either ESX or QBCore has any “onJobChange” events, but if they do then you should start there by adding/removing them from groups based on their jobs.

I hope that answers at least some of your questions.


I bought your script yesterday but after installing it only shows when you kill yourself. When you kill someone else it doesn’t work. Hopefully you can help me!

That’s sad to hear!

What patch are you running on your server? (game build)
And what server build are you on? (server artifact)
Also, are you using onesync? And if so what version?

Game build: sv_enforceGameBuild 2189
Artifact: 5887
Onesync: Onesync On

Hm… You seem to be up-to-date.

Are there any errors when you start the script? (try restarting when you are in the server) Check both the server and client side. Other than that, are there any errors in the console when someone gets killed?

No errors and ofcourse i tried to restart the server

Any errors when you restarted the script?

When i kill NPC’s than they show up… but if i kill a player it does not show up!

Odd, are there any errors when you or someone else kill a player? (check both client and server console)