[STANDALONE] Motocross tricks | kc-tricks [FREE]

They are done the same way as the advanced tricks so I don’t think thats a issue with you, have you change the key you’re using to handbrake?

I’ll try that, but I’ve already binded them to B so I don’t think that’ll make a difference - still a really good script though

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good script

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The script looked really good but didnt work for my server.

awesome work man

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Can you explain further?

I added it into my server resources file and ensured it into my server.cfg. I use TxAdmin and when I search it up in resources and it pops up its just in the server I will use the keybinds and it doesnt do the tricks.

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Either I am too incapable of pressing the keys correctly or it just doesn’t work. Which keys exactly need to be pressed? I try spacebar and mouse click right or left and turn x with mouse wheel… Need help…

Have you both read how to do the tricks? tried on a test server and they work fine…

Uploading: image.png…
when I start , it cant be use .