[STANDALONE] Motocross tricks | kc-tricks [FREE]

Yo here are some photos this script is awesome

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I tried to use the script on qb-core but still its not working for me i changed the keybinds and everything still nothing how can i fix it?

What about if u dont have the 2 other mouse buttons? tried to change them but it wont do the X tricks if i place those on left and right mouse click. for the rest a cool mod tho.

Update 1.3


  • Config.InstantAnimStop - This value determines whether the anim should instantly stopped, otherwise it will just go back to the sitting position gradually
  • New export exports['kc-tricks']:IsDoingTricks(): Returns whether the player is doing tricks
  • fivem-checker support


  • Config.OtherKey - It’s better to only have one key for performing tricks, this addition was unnecessary…


  • Chaining tricks will now work properly
  • Tricks will stop performing if landed

This script has been reworked to avoid bad practices from my past coding abilities.