[STANDALONE] Motocross tricks | kc-tricks [FREE]


Motocross/Bike tricks resource for FiveM servers… I can’t say more please look at the preview :eyes:

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  • Motocross/Bike tricks using SPACEBAR or X with 4th or 5th mouse button

  • Run at 0.00ms on idle and 0.02ms max when doing a trick

Space bar + Left Click = Simple trick 1
Space bar + Right Click = Simple trick 2
  X Key   + Mouse Button 4 = Advanced trick 1
  X Key   + Mouse Button 5 = Advanced trick 2

kc-tricks is easily configurable:

  • Config.Eject

Player will be ejected if they land while doing a trick. If set to false, they will not fall but the anim will stop

  • Config.SimpleKey

Set the key used for the simple tricks (Default is 76, 'INPUT_VEH_HANDBRAKE' aka SPACEBAR)

  • Config.OtherKey

Set the key used for the advanced tricks (Default is 73, 'INPUT_VEH_DUCK' aka X)



Changelog :

Version 1.1 : Changelog


Download the latest release.

  • Drag the folder into your <server-data>/resources folder
  • Add this in your server.cfg
start kc-tricks

If you have any suggestions I will be happy to hear them :wink:


I already try it is amazing, not jokes, try it guys work rly fine, is a good work and thx for the release

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awesome man!

Update 1.1

New feature

  • Config.SpecificVehicle - If set to true, you will be able to do tricks only on some specific bikes from the ‘Config.Vehicles’ list
  • Config.Vehicles - List of vehicles by their gameName (Check Config.lua for more info)
    Thanks @WolfieValeoOfficial for this suggestion/idea :clap:


  • You weren’t able to properly chain tricks due to a misplaced “if” statement


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Amazing script!

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So whats the difference between this one and all of the other ones? keybinds?

Which resources are you talking about?

With this resource I tried to recreate the tricks system from some games like MX vs ATV, so you can use different keybinds that you set yourself (In the config and in GTA keybinds settings) to perform different tricks. It also have the possibility to chain tricks and stop the tricks when you don’t press anything, you also fall as you can see in the video preview if you’re still in a tricks while landing (To add more realism :full_moon_with_face:)

I’m happy with this resource since I have then played a couple hours with a friend just doing stupid tricks and it was fun :relieved: So I thought I will release it for everyone :+1:

could you do it for a bmx bike?

It’s already possible :+1: It works with motorcycles and bikes :innocent:

ight so if I install this it will work for both?


No complaints, what a cool addition.

Hope to see more tricks come in updates (:

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Unfortunately it uses GTA animation (Since we can’t import our own animation), so for now it will stick with those 4 (I know there is a 5th one but it’s pretty bugged I will see what I can do with it :clap:)

Hey, all the simple tricks dont work for me - I’ve tried changing keybinds and a few other things, but I still can’t fix it. Can I get some help? Nice script apart from that though

I will need a bit more of explanation, so as I understand, you can do the “advanced tricks” using X but not the “Simple Tricks” with the spacebar?

This script is really cool and really awesome, I am gonna need to try this out soon. Amazing work :slight_smile:

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Looks really good! Amazing work :+1:

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Looks good!


Yeah, I can’t do simple tricks with Spacebar, tried changing them to B to see if that would make a difference but it didn’t. Might be just the way I’m doing it, not sure though