[Standalone] Firework Box on Ground

how do i remove the permissions??

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@bzisniper i actually cant get it to work.

Im having issues with the permissions, how to remove it so I can use the script?

scroll up mate… there is literally a message about how to do so :wink:

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yo can i have a ‘train ticket to the paridise’ i was just playing then the tsunami came and i now dont have a ticket pls can i have one

Can’t get it work

i cant quite get the perms to work i dont have ace perms anyway to make this work without it?

Can anyone help me get this to work? I’ve tried everything and I can’t. My base is VRP.

When I give the command /sf it says I don’t have permission for that…

all permissions here and nothing working

add_principal identifier.steam:yourhexid fireworks.group
add_principal identifier.steam:someoneelseshexid fireworks.group
add_ace fireworks.group "bz.fwcmds" allow


hey bro i cant load into the server


When Trying to add this we had problems with getting it to work
Its Said we had no perms for it