Standalone Emote Menu With Previews

Presenting to You Onex Emote Menu, the Innovative FiveM Script Set to Revolutionize Your Server Player Roleplay Journey!

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Standalone → This versatile script is designed to work seamlessly on any server, regardless of whether it has a framework or not, ensuring broad compatibility and ease of integration.




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Without a doubt, the best emote menu I’ve ever found.

Full live previews of every emote!
Ability to add on new emotes seamlessly.
A lot of customization when it comes to the menu.

I’m sorry, I really don’t want this to sound like it’s an advertisement at all, but these are my honest thoughts on how great this guy is at what he does. His Creation and Interaction scripts are also top notch.

If you’re wanting your server to stand out, this will surely do it! Great work @Onex-scripts keep them coming!


Thanks for the appreciation! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hello, very good work at first sight!

Unfortunately, I can’t find the part of the documentation related to this script.

I’m looking forward to buying it.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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If you have any concerns u can create ticket i haven’t finished docs part still writing. But i can assure you if u need any kind of export or logic which is not exist i will add them on update

If you have any custom emotes, how does the preview work?


It Will work with custom anim. there is a config just add their your custom emote name anim and dict

There’s a command to shoot the animation.


It will move your character in front of a greenscreen and record the animation, then clip the green out, and render to webp format and save sutomatically to your preview folder!

It’s a really indepth, amazing system!

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well its not good coded at all many bugs on esx dont recommend to buy thx good you can get your money back…

The important thing what they dont told is that the previews are 1.2 GB of files what user has to download before connecting … so safe your money on that useless disaster

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JESUS this is almost a clothing pack just on previews. Is this for real?

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Very good resource! Continue like this

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There is only few bugs which already fixed, also player don’t have to download anything while connecting. It Will download as u explore on the menu each download is few kb small and it cached all the previews no need to download Everytime.

i will suggest you to gather proper information before leaving negative review.

no downloads on connecting thank you

this not behave as assets like clothing its not even load as fivem files. This tested on 150+ players server without any performance issue and 0 download on starting

You clearly are unaware of what you’re talking about.

The previews are not streamed, nor are they downloaded at connect. They’re downloaded one time when opening the menu, and cached for future use. There’s no network lag from the previews.

Your loss. This emote menu is the best emote menu I’ve ever found, and implemented very well.

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you have no idea XD if you thinks its normal to download 1.2 GB of content for any server your just dont know what you talking the five m download is limited and i never seen a server having this huge download size our server has overall 25mb because everythhing is streamed

mabyee before argumenting you should think about what you telling

also your just a fake account your only activitie is this post grow up fakers

also your just a fake account your only activitie is this post grow up fakers

its not streamed by fivem ok and u never see Doesn’t mean that is false nopixel emote menu use same System and they have player more than your server

its not my fake account if not believe come to discord will send u payment screenshot

“Fake Account”

I have 4 pages of granted assets, just because this is the first time I’ve been active in this forum doesn’t mean I’m fake.

I only comment on stuff that I truly believe are worth the price. You don’t value it, move on. No need to hate on it for others.

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