Standalone Emote Menu With Previews

here the proof ridiciolus XD but how i told easy money back thx god i did this screenshot before getting cashback and revoked license

cause you set it up incorrect in fxmanifest.lua you should not uncomment that preview line just enable socket on config make that true open that given port

this line should remain like this - -

 -- 'preview/**/*.webp',

its not proof this the wrong demonstration there is two system one is socket one is manual . anyway you misunderstood its your issue but good luck


So you’re not using sockets?

Open up your port you goof. That’s your own fault.

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I explained the situation to him via ticket, but I unexpectedly fell asleep, and he didn’t wait for my response. What’s his problem? If he had informed me, I would have instructed him to simply add a comment there; everything would have been resolved. To err is human, no hate. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Nice script :slight_smile: But I miss one thing… Can you add a customizable Ragdoll button option pls? And a new discord link, because I cant join your server. Ty

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i updated the discord link and on ticket tell me in details what thing you want

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