Srp_ipl (An easily configurable IPL Loader)


when you use the latest DLC, you will have ALL vehicles, clothing, etc etc up to that dlc, so say gta releases a new dlc, we’ll call it… “clown dlc” for example lol, you’ll have everything up to the tuners dlc, but not clown dlc.

Hope that makes sense.

yes that’s perfect, no reason not to switch to the new 2372 then. thanks for the info

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It is very well possible to load Cayo Perico from IPL however it does come with the downside that the IPLs tend to override any called ymap so say for example you call the island to load from ipl and then applied the zone data from your resource, the addon map files wouldn’t load due to the ipl over riding it. It is pretty simple to fix for the most part though simply comment or remove the line of called IPL(s) which is being utilized in the addon maps. Additionally, you do not necessarily have to call the native when calling the IPL. I have it configured to where it loads alongside the city and although it does cost performance it works fine.

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oh? I’ve been having massive issues with the stupid hangar interior if I try to load both islands :thinking:

I’ve heard other people have had that issue as well and I am still dumbfounded as to why it’s happening with them and not me lol. Though I have been actively looking for reasons why it’s happening.

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Yeah, it’s soo freaking weird! I had a friend on linux vps try it out, no problem, I’m on Windows home based and POOF, no hangar. and it’s super weird because like, I have the ytyp, I have the manifest, I don’t understand lol

Does it work when utilizing the one I made on the forums or does it simply do the same thing?

oddly, same

The rewrite I’m working on will call for an ipl only when needed and remove it when not needed. Its a slow process and it uses about 10x more code and is a lot more work to make sure there are no mistakes. This should help with performance issues however i suspect that when teleporting to an interior or island it may require a few ticks to load. Once I get it far along enough I will test and write documentation on how to properly set up the teleport ticks.


I don’t have a problem with you utilizing my resource to make it easier on yourself if you really want to

I call all of the IPLs in my DLCiplLoader resource already

you are probably right about it taking a few ticks to load… i assume this is one of the reasons why rockstar implemented those cutscenes for entering/exiting interiors for killing time?

Yeah that’s what I think. I’m guessing that most interiors in GTAO loaded when entering and exiting. There are obvious reasons such as some interiors overlapping and stuff like that but I also believe it was to help keep memory in check. I think thats exactly why they have the cutscenes

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Yeah it might help for the ipls i dont have yet. That would be awesome

that also makes sense. having all that loaded all the time causes problems for sure after you get enough stuff crammed in a server

Does this replace bob74-ipl and fivem-ipl? Also is it in final version or stopped being updated?

This is not the final. I am rewriting it completely as I wasn’t satisfied with how it works. This will replace any ipl loader. With this version there will likely be some bugs


Can’t wait to see your rewrite. Imagine its gonna be really good.

Apparently with IPLs, you have to request and remove. So, for example, if near Lester’s house, request IPL, else remove IPL.

I didn’t know about this until just recently:

:man_shrugging:t2: Bob’s code causes Rockstar Editor to crash or infinitely loop while trying to load the clip.

that is exactly why i am rewritng mine to load and unload ipls

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