Srp_ipl (An easily configurable IPL Loader)

Hey everyone. This is my first release. It is very simple but very useful in my opinion. I am in the process of creating a new easily and fully configurable RP framework that even non-coders can make changes to and came across a need for IPLs. I at first started loading in fivem-ipl into my “wip” server and it clicked that many people that don’t know a thing about coding will just throw the resource in and never know that they can turn on and off IPLs so I decided to make it easy to configure.

I barely started learning Lua back in October and have only recently got into really digging deep into it. My goal is to steer clear from outside dependencies and learn to build everything myself.

I did take a chunk of code from fivem-ipl so credit goes to the author(s) of that and I am using the props table to go along with that chunk until I make all props easily configurable as well but I am planning on making props and the color of props configurable in the future.

I’m also sure there is an easier way to do this and to some Lua experts this code may be the dumbest thing in the world so if you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment and teach me because I WANT to learn as much as I can!

There is also the ymaps from fivem-ipl and some Pillbox Medical map files. Credit goes to the makers!

Edit: Version 2 comes with performance fixes and additional casino ipls!


Hey man sick release. This would be awesome for my sever, even though I know somewhat how to code front end this is just a stress relief so you satisfied me, 5/5

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No problem and thanks. I’m learning as I go so if you find any problems I’d be happy to know about them. I have a bit of backround in Visual Basic and website creation but Lua is a entirely different beast. I think I overthink a lot and make it more complicated than it is lol. I hope you enjoy it.

haha, that is leggit me lmfao. You cool if i give you a dm?

Sure no problem at all.

Do you by chance know if the Cinema/Theater under the map is something that can be unloaded?

I do not think so but I’d be more than happy to attempt it and let you know. I do believe that you can create a replacement ymap and replace it though. I’ll respond here this weekend sometime and let you know if I’m successful. I do believe its a standard IPL that is always loaded.

Yeah I was thinking that myself, maybe streaming a replacement with a Parent that isnt around could work. I have a MLO inside the cinema loaded to which we play videos. However as the emitter is shared with the one in the default cinema it will play on both.

Its either yeet the Cinema under the map, or find a way to change the emitter to a custom one in the MLO.
I am thinking yeeting might be the easier task for now.

I have not had any luck removing it with the IPL method. I do believe that if you use codewalker you may be able to move it possibly. I have very little experience modifying ymaps so I am not 100% sure on how that would work but I have seen a video on people using codewalker to move buildings. I attempted to move the Vanilla Unicorn eith codewalker but was unsuccessful. Im curious if there is a way to turn off the main cinema from playing the default media though. Maybe that will solve your issue? I also do know that people clone buildings so maybe thats something thats possible as well?

would this be a replacement for the bob74 version?

This would completely replace any ipl loader that loads the GTA Online ipls.

thanks for the reassurance, for some reason messing with the bob74 ipl scares the stuffing out of me
have you tried both of these?

Yes. I’ve used bobs ipl and fivem ipls. The thing that lack is being able to change the versions of ipls easier. I created this and tested to make sure that the ipls work as expected.

This makes it super easy to change out which versions of the ipls you want to load though. I still need to make the props customizable but if you were ever scared to mess with any of the ipl stuff tjis resource is for you.

I plan on making a different version sometime in the future that is more like GTA Online where people choose/buy the apartments, businesses, ect… and it’ll load based on that.

thank you for reaching out to me, I really would like to take out bobs and replace it with yours soon, anything i should be aware of before i make the leap?

and another question not 100% related to this thread, when i load north yankton it makes the farmstead in grapeseed go crazy, i wonder if your version would prevent that. thanks again! going to watch this feed like a hawk. you are awesome!!!

Nothing that I am aware of. I have used this flawlessly in my dev server and in my esx server. I have not come up with any issues. If you currently have a pillbox medical map in your server you can either remove my pillbox map thats included in the download or use mine.

sweeet i got it downloaded , ill take your your version of pillbox and just swap out bob74ilp with yours, i was looking threw the old Bob one and was looking at yours and they look totally different hahaha, thanks again for the replys

Yessir. Just let me know if there are any issues you come across.

well you did, it i had to work on my server so it took a while to try out your loader, it works great. with Bob74 i was never able to get north yankton and the elis farmhouse to work at the same time. Now it works great! I might start working on mods for yankton now. thanks again for this great IPL … all we need now is FiveM to update everytthing on their side so we can get the casino and the last bits of the last few DLCs unlocked

I believe that there is a way to get the casino working natively in game. I haven’t tried it but apparently there is an execute command you use in your server config to force it. Its in the comments towards the bottom in the future of the casino dlc thread

you are right, i read something somewhere and forgot all about it!!! i gotta find that link. I’ll go right now and look for that, ill try it on my test server. thanks for the reminder!!! if ya find that link before I do let me know.