[SOLVED] VPS (or dedicated) Server Hosting

Want to get this out of the way, I did do research. I have looks at the tons of other posts on the fivem forums. I have looked at zap-hosting.

If you are looking for a linux VPS, visit the first reply by @FAXES
I ended up going with the 2 core system from NFO servers with the windows server 2012R2 installed (total of 20$ a month)
I picked them because they emailed me back within 30 seconds of my questions and have a 2 day trial (for 1 dollar) and I think they will refund you the dollar if you cancel before 48 hours.

Proof (I feel obliged to do this)

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Anyways, I am looking for a windows server VPS. 2012 or 2016. I’d prefer not to buy a windows license, but if the host you are going to reccomend uses one, can you please link me to where you purchased yours?

Thanks so much. I want to make it clear that this isn’t my first rodeo and that I did my research. I wish most people put as much time into their help requests as I did.

What I’ve been looking for, was:
4-8gb of ram
25-50gb of HDD space (ssd not needed)
Hosted in the United States
DDoS protection.

Not sure if I need that much ram (looking to host 3 servers) but I do know for SURE I want it hosted in the US or Canada. (Mexico is fine too)

From my experience FiveM mainly needs a good internet connection.

I use linode, they are a great company, their servers are great and has even better uptime. I have had my VPS for a year and it only ever has gone down once for security maintenance. I currently use their $20 VPS but I did have the $5 back in the day which worked fine until I started TeamSpeak servers and websites etc. I do run 3 (4 if dev is up) FiveM servers off my $20 plan plus multiple websites, databases and 2 TeamSpeak’s and it does pretty well.

Specs of VPS’'s with Linode

$5/mo Plan

1 CPU Core
20 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

$10/mo Plan

2 - GB RAM
1 - CPU Core
30 - GB SSD Storage
2 - TB Transfer (Bandwidth)
40 - Gbps Network In
1000 - Mbps Network Out

$20/mo Plan

2 CPU Cores
48 GB SSD Storage
3 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

$40/mo Plan

4 CPU Cores
96 GB SSD Storage
4 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

$80/mo Plan

6 CPU Cores
192 GB SSD Storage
8 TB Transfer
40 Gbps Network In
1000 Mbps Network Out

Link to plans - https://www.linode.com/pricing

They are great and you can start at the $5 plan and upgrade as needed. There’s no setup fees and no extra payments (excluding backups). They all also have no lock-in contracts so you can cancel any time.

You may not want a Linux but I think they are better as windows tends to have a bunch of crap running that hogs resources.

Link to Linode - https://www.linode.com/
Features Page - https://www.linode.com/linodes

Hop all of this helps

I also moved you topic

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Thanks so much! Glad to see my research and dedication made it so someone responded respectfully. Thanks so much. The problem I have with Linux is the versions that I used to get from OVH didn’t have a desktop. A few of my staff that need access to the server have no technical knowledge. How I normally do it (with a windows machine) Is use my love of batch files on the desktop, with a custom background image that describes what everything does below it.

yeah there’s no ui. But, you could always make a web page that then runs through a program that executes the bash commands from a user (admin) clicking on the button. I’m working on this for my server so it is possible.

You don’t know of any good windows hosts? I just think its easier.

nah sorry. Windows can hog resources for its annoying apps it always running, that why I don’t use it.

I would recommend emperorhosting.com , if you put in the notes section when you order “Windows VPS Please” then they will install windows for you :slight_smile:

this VPS have anti-ddos

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I saw that somewhere else. I sent them an email and never got a response (2+ days ago)

That’s weird, they probably did not get it. You could join their teamspeak ts.emperorhosting.com where they are almost always on.

On https://pangnote.com you’ll find a lot of VPS, that don’t need windows license. Check it.

Can contact u.

can u advice a good hosting in 2021?

Hello. I would not recommend free hosting. First of all, this concerns the low stability of the server, which, due to frequent failures and forced interruptions of work, deprives visitors of access to the site, and its owner - these very visitors. As for recommending a specific service, I use this https://www.webhosting1st.com/vps.html shared hosting. Until that time, everything suited me :slight_smile: