[SOLVED] Nearest Postal + OCRP Postal Map - GPS Waypoint

Hello! I’m using the [Release] Nearest Postal Script and selecting the postal on the map, I would like to get it marked on the waypoing instaed of in the other one, as shows the image. Any idea? Thanks

Post the code.

This is what is making the yellow blip if deleted that part

in client :

SetNewWaypoint(Blip.coords.x, Blip.coords.y)

Hey there! While using the OCRP Postal Map and the Nearest Postal script, I had a problem when marking the postal on the GPS by doing /postal because it was creating a different route and I pretended to use the default waypoint, so I managed myself to make it functional. It’s kind simple but if you are in the same situation, follow the next steps:

  1. Open your cl.lua file
  2. Go to line 95 and copy the part (fp.x, fp.y, 0.0)
  3. Then delete the lines 95 to 102
  4. Write the following: SetNewWayPoint(fp.x, fp.y, 0.0)
  5. Save it and it’s done !