Set the domain name as the IP

Does anyone know how to apply your domain name as the IP address to connect to your server?

Change your DNS of the domain.

Make a “A” record and point it toward the IP of your server.

Thank you! (F@&* 20 charachers)

@MLGPlasmaScope Your welcome.


and what for the port? no need for an srv ?


just use an a record then connect to your server using this:

So, I have connected the servers and stuff, but I have 3 servers. When I type in the one domain for the one development server, it takes me to the main server. What do I do?

Are they all running on the same ip using different ports? Then just type

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So, I can’t have it connect to or without any port?

Use a SRV record.

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I tried that and it still didn’t work.

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You just need to point a A record to the IP and connect to the IP, no port required.
Be sure not to be using Cloudflare.

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That’s wrong. As documented…

… you need to have a record for _cfx._udp.[target host].


I have an A record pointing to the server and it’s working just fine LOL

Not if you want to auto-fill a different port, also this reply wasn’t meant for you, as you could see by the reply icon on the top right.

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How do you point a A record to the IP?

can you have a proxied connection between client and server on cloudflare’s free tier? (as to hide origin IP)

No, you can’t have a proxied connection between client and server on cloudflare.