FiveM update - April 25th, 2017

Gooooood morning/evening/afternoon/night FiveM community, radon here, and today we have something GREAT for you radioactive elementals, it’s actually not very good, but it’s a NEW SERVER LIST! That’s right, and all you have to do is run your FiveM client and it’s there, for you, all of you, all of our fans…

#Summarized changelog

  • New server list.
  • Filters! Try it: ~/role.?play/ ~rp hides all those pesky roleplay servers you hate, or resource:essent shows a bunch. ~ is for negation, /blah.*bluh/ is for regexes, and resource: is for resources.
  • Direct connect UI with new stuff.
  • Add a _cfx._udp SRV record to your DNS to auto-fill ports!
  • History! Favorites! A feed!
  • More performance and bigger bullets.
  • Fixes for various crashes in ros:five.
  • Allow more resources to run on a server (fix AllocateHandle issue, not the CGameScriptHandlerNetwork one though)

I dont kno why but this happens to me :
and it does not change do any of you know why this is happening to me
and know how to fix it

Thanks for this update :heart_eyes:

0 Server in the Server List


Up the Max Ping slider

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Next update put the max ping slider to the max at first because it’s not funny to everytime to put it everytime
Anyway very nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Game keeps crashing when in server slide, also no servers come up in the server list :(. Please help / Fix this.

Same problem when i up the max ping slider

Bad ping or still nothing ? Can you please increase the MaxPing slider to 1000 or 2000 ?

So random …

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Where is the button to refresh ?


exactely the same problem for me. orange screen and nothing more

need some help ^^

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No servers on the list…

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exactely the same problem for me.

We are aware of that fact yes, please keep calm.

Closing the topic for now until the issue is resolved.

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