[SAVANA] Multicharacter [QB/ESX]

  • In the character menu you can see your character’s profession, date of birth, nationality, gender and first and last name.
  • You can open more than one character slot or restrict character slots
  • You can open slots with a special code. Tebex integration is available.
  • The current appearance of the characters appears as a profile photo
  • You see the character on the selection screen.
  • Distinctive and modern design
  • Character animations
  • Qb and esx compatible

Showcase Video

Tebex Escrow

Tebex Open Source

  • My Other Scripts

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Code is accessible escrow and open source
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2500+
Requirements qb or esx
Support Yes

Very useful, looks great with my photos. I bought it and satisfied.

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looks awesome, good job :fire:

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looks good :heart_eyes:

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It looks extremely simple to use and does not strain the eyes. Number 10 script.