[SAVANA] Fuel & Owneable Gas Station [QB/ESX]

  • Clean and flat design
  • Has its own notification system
  • Unpurchased gas stations can be used
  • Special prices can be set for purchased gas stations and an upper limit can be set
  • Detailed log system
  • Players can be created job by gas station
  • Gas station can buy and sell fuel
  • You can improve your business
  • QB and Esx compatible

Showcase Video

Tebex Escrow

Tebex Open Source

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Loading V2
Rectangle Hud
Pause Menu
In Or Not
Spawn Selector
Advanced Owneable And Default Shop
Advanced Loading Screen (player data and many features)
Savana Hud
Used Car Sell
Savana Garage
Savana Mini Vehicle Shop
Bobcat Heist (MAP / SCRIPT / MINIGAME)

Code is accessible Escrow and Open source
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3000+
Requirements qb or esx
Support Yes

Both a fuel system and a fuel station that you can buy and operate make a lot of sense. good sales

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a full and beautiful design, congratulations Savana! :fire: :fire_engine:

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how fix?

The script already has its own fuel system. Delete LegacyFuel. If you are still having problems, please create a ticket and we will help you.

tcket where? i just rename it on legacyfuel