Sandy LTD station #1 v1.2 (MLO)

what is causing this? some see this some dont

if you use NVE it will show

Any word on that update?

update here?

Configured Pumps for cars?

this needs to be fixed, the air condition and vending machine, and the trash cans, pretty much everything outside

Evevrything is fine for me something is just overlapping it on your side

Having this issue, i’ve tried putting it in a local host with just the resource itself. Same issue.

Are you guys using NVE?

Thats not the gas stations fault, you have another ymap conflicting adding those props, mine works perfectly

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project well be picked backed up soon im sorry had a death in my family and will be able to work on this when im am back

i don’t have any other maps in that can conflict with it

Look for any duplicate YMAP’s in your server, I have the gas station in and its working perfectly. I believe the pumps are in cs4_10_strm_3.ymap

I dont have any, it was the only map

bought it, haven’t received. Please message me

what a bully Krom SMH

Your not in on the joke lol. The author of the MLO is a good friend of mine lol

still haven’t received…