Sandy gas station v1

Make sure you do not have any dup base game ymaps!
Unlocked version
place contents in a stream file you can copy and paste one from another map mod or look at FiveMs guild on how to make a stream file

This will be taken down soon and replaced with a Sandy bundle update coming this late Nov

Discounts will be given to those who bought this item to the bundle

Sandy gas station
Package includes
3 models
2 mlos
revamp location

My other work

Patch 1
-fixed left over cols by pump
Update 1.2
-fixed left over cols by pump
-fixed floating props
-fixed some lods
add lights
-fixed prop rotations
-more minor bug fixes
Know bugs and will be fixed with patches
-report any
Why buy now?
to feed me XD doing this for snack money ill be doing more free projects this will just be for some chips
Place to buy

▲──────◇Sandy Bundle!◇──────▲
-Sandy-clothing -(WIP)
-Sandy-Towyard -(WIP)
For $24


WTF is that crap LMAO… JK I actually like the look of it lol

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Saw it and it was $5 then I went to buy it and it was $8…

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this needs to be fixed, some sort of invisible floor

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i payed 7


sorry with the stores tax i was trying to set it so i can get $5 out of it and to the col bug ill have a fix rolled out in couple mins
The price will stay at the said amount now sorry for any confusion
the files are upload to the forums

Why is there a car spawning on the roof?

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umm what XD ill fix that

Like where this is going picked it up and tried it out. Got a couple suggestions the interior LOD needs to be increased slightly

image as at this point the interior is not loaded and it just looks abit weird maybe add 10 or 20 meters to it should fix and make it look so much nicer. Also you need to look into the long distance one as the roof looks weird as it loads in late. presides from that great job keep it up!

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noted im making a ymap for the lod as the base game has one

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When is it fixed?

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when i get up ill upload a patch

When is this xD?

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Meow! This is a great idea! I’ve always wanted an inteiror or redesign of the Sandy Shores gas station.
I’ve noticed just a couple issues, but overall it’s a great build and a great price!

I made an imgur album to show show some of the issues. But overall! great build! :grinning:

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thank you i have work today but when im off ill roll out a patch to fix most of the issues

also some of the bugs you are having besides the power lines not connected but will be fixed soon is the base game ymaps my editeds are not loading for you, you need to make sure your not running any dup base game ymaps as this will override each other and not show the edits
and download the patch file i added to the post to fix the cols

I’ll double check. I had to remove two other buildings interiors/exteriors that were causing conflict. They resolved the trailer in the garage. I’m not sure what’s causing the light fixture to show, the invisible collison on the ground between the pumps. Other than that, there’s jus the sign being backwards and the LODs. :grinning:

  • xLogicc’s Sandy Shores Mama Johna Pizza Place (Link)
  • Strike-Modifications Sandy Shores 24/7 Exterior Re-texture (Link)

ill have these fix when im off in a couple hours

sneak peak of what im doing to the building

Oooooh exciting! :astonished:

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