Rope Rescue Tripod & Basket - Rope Access Team, Long Rope, Custom Models - [Paid Resource]

Rope Rescue - London Studios - (Paid Resource)

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, especially for rescue situations. This will ultimately enhance roleplay and realism for all people on scene, those being rescued by even the firefighters or members of the public watching a police rope access team rappel down into some unstable terrain.

This plugin features a custom tripod model with a 210 metre rope, allowing you to access some areas from a great height. You are also able to place other players in a basket, moving them up and down the rope with you. This also includes a custom basket model.

This plugin is made by LondonStudios, we have created a variety of releases including TaserFramework, SearchHandler, ActivateAlarm, SmartTester, SmartSounds, CustodyAlarm, SmartObservations and more!

Paid Resource

This is a paid resource, we are conducting the sale of it through Tebex. This is approved by FiveM and we have been in contact with them to confirm this sale is approved.

We’re currently running a sale of 20% off. This is automatically applied.

Find out more and purchase it here.


/tripod setup - Setup a new tripod at your current location. You should stand facing the end of a building or vertical drop.
/tripod remove - Removes the nearest tripod.
W and S - Use these keys to move up and down
F - Press this key when either stood at the top or bottom to begin a rappel.
/basket - Setup a basket and place the nearest player in it. Run /basket again to remove it.

To rappel down, you must stand behind an active tripod and press F, this will be on-screen with a prompt.


  • Create and remove a rope rescue tripod - Simply do /tripod setup to setup a new tripod at your location. This is fully synced and allows other players with permission to use the tripod.
  • Basket a nearby player - You can setup a basket and place the nearest player in it, strapping them in it. As you move up and down the rope rescue, so will they.
  • 210m Rope - The 210 metre rope allows for this to be used at some extreme heights, such as large buildings or even some cranes.

Framework Integration - vRP / ESX / Others

  • Permission checks - You can integrate this into your framework by editing the server.lua file. You can use exports to use database permission checking or even integrate this into vRP or ESX.
  • You are able to set up separate permissions for the tripod setup/remove, basket and even the ability to rappel up and down the tripod. This allows you to limit it to Police/Fire jobs, or any others.


  1. Purchase the resource through our Tebex store here.
  2. Create a new resource folder in your server directory.
  3. Check your email for the downloaded resource, please check your spam folder.
  4. Place the contents of the downloaded .zip inside the resource folder.


London Studios are committed to ensuring high standard support is offered to all customers who have purchased this resource. Our support team will do our best to assist you, however in some circumstances we will be unable to assist, such as integrating it with a framework our support team may not be familiar.


We appreciate feedback, bugs and suggestions related to Rope Rescue and future plugins. We hope you enjoy using the resource and look forward to hearing from people and seeing videos/screenshots of the plugin in action!


Take a look at some screenshots of the plugin in action!


Quality release.

This is really awesome

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they can post paid products as they are using Tebex, please refrain from arguing about it.

Nice release though

really cool, nice work

Damn, I thought it was a free release. Good shit tho, you guys always make quality scripts.

Amazing realese, quick question does this work with non esx or custom framework? so like a stock fx server? about to get it just wanted to confirm

We can confirm this is standalone and does not require any framework to run.

as cool as this is dont think its worth £ 31.78 and thats with reduced from £39.78 :confused:

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A large amount of hours have gone into this resource to make it possible. The script also includes 2 custom add on props which can justify a higher price. Furthermore, we feel it is a quality resource and a low price would not be worthwhile.

London Studios

i get that but i still think its a little over priced… dont matter how many hours you put into it … that was your choice to put that many hours into one script lol… but like i said i like the idea and its a cool script but the price is a little to much for me to pay for a script to get on top of buildings lol

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Thanks for sharing your opinion. If you don’t like the price, don’t purchase it.

London Studios

Considering what you can get for half the price $55 is way too much IMO.

thats what i mean with the world in shit with this shitty covid crap … people are losing jobs and cant afford to pay for scripts… why do you think the shitty leaking community as become so big :/… again im not knocking the script its a cool looking script but why add a pay wall

So will this only work in places where the rope can hang straight down? All your screenshots reflect straight up/down. I’m wondering if this could be deployed for mountain rescue for places that could not normally be climbed up/down.

Also, you mention it has permission checks. Does this include support for Ace perms or only for frameworks? We would be using standalone but want to limit it to SWAT and Rescue personnel only and currently use Ace perms to restrict all of our other stuff.

I think the price is a little high, but if it can be used for mountain rescue and supports Ace Perms, I am 100% going to buy it.


Thanks for enquiring about this resource, i’m happy to answer your questions and any further you have.

In regards to your first question, yes this will work on places that have a straight down drop. An example usage of this is setting up a tripod on top of a building at the edge and then either rappelling down to the bottom or a ledge half way up. Considering the rope length is 210m, you can rappel up or down some pretty high buildings or structures.

In regards to the second question regarding permissions this is something you have full freedom over this time (and our EOD script). For RopeRescue, you have a server.lua file you can edit and add permissions (including Ace if you wish) or integrate it with a framework. Both commands are registered in this file and there is an event it sends to give players access to go up and down the rope. (A server event is triggered when a player connects, the server responds sending a client event with true/false if they have permission to go up and down).

You can also whitelist the basket command.

London Studios

Awesome in regards to the 2nd part of my question!
I think there was some confusion about the 1st part though. Clearly it works with straight up and down as that is shown in your screenshots. I was wondering if it ONLY works with straight up/down or is it also capable of working on slopes such as the sides of mountains where it is too steep to walk up/down normally. For example, if a hiker going up Chilliad falls off the trail and needs rescued.


Considering the tripod spawns in front of you then drops a rope vertically, I am not sure it would work very well on a 45 degree angle. There are plenty of straight drops at mountain points around the map.

London Studios

Great job

Is there any portion of the code obscured in any way? Or is the full source code being sent?