Hey folks! Releasing this today as its an abandoned project me and a few friends worked on. The files should all be in a working state.

Itโ€™s an Battle royale server and it comes with a few nice tools to manage it, down below u can watch the previews / showcases


Github link

We do not care what you do with it, like literally do whatever u want :smiley:
NOTE: Support will be limited as we donโ€™t work on it anymore, but feel free to make a PR or an issue



Hey, I noticed you included some of my and @FluffyPlays22 's paid weapons in the download. Can you please remove the M700a & SR25 Snipers?

Hey they have been removed, again. Sorry that it happened

bro its fantastic man thank you very much

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a wiki on how to build the ui ?

Hey you can see some answers on the github page

we need server cfg right?

and i get errors when im doing npm i

Hey could u please use the github, and make issues there instead. Way easier to keep track of issues and errors there :slight_smile:

yes sir

lobby coords?

why dosent my start RivalProxy

Whats that interior on the picture?

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Thanks fam


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