Resources IP lock

I understood that resources need to be available to everyone to use but what is the point of having paid scripts if they cannot be ip locked and easily leaked. At least paid scripts should have the option to be ip locked. If cfx wants they can integrate an ip lock stsyem to tebex for example like an addon. Even if it will cost money am sure a lot of devs would not mind paying for it. Yes we do not mind putting source codes there but releasing a paid script without any protection is useless. I am working on anticheat and ik that once its done and released on the forums it will be leaked. Thats why a lot of developers hesitate to even release thongs cuz theres 0 protection.

Use the Escrow system?

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Oooh i didn’t even know that existed. So we cant really use our own ip locking systems. I have my own ip lock system Sign In - Mosheba Development can that be usef to lock my paid resources or nah.

No. You answered your own question. You cannot use your own IP locking system.

CFX escrow is the only encryption allowed, otherwise you must release your resources fully readable.