ESX Society Remastered + More Options

no sir fivem does not support Escrow for nui files yet

no worries, i can give u a special version to work on all of your servers
you can dm me for more info

actually it’s not against TOS because the js file is for nui and as long fivem does not support escrow for js or any nui files yet i believe its ok

if you think the ip lock is against tos i can remove the ip lock and just keeping license
is that ok ?

its not me you need to ask. but afaik anything like that is against TOS. definitely against tebex’s TOS.

either way i actually really like the resource, just thought i’d give you a heads up.

tnx for sharing
well i guess i need to remove the ip locking but i can keep the core js file encoded right ?

so you can’t do that

also need to tell you that i really worked hard and long for the js file so if by any chance it got leaked then i cannot do anything about that, hope u understand me but if the ip lock system is against tos i can remove that, share me your opinion

well if i do not encode the js file my script can be lea*ked easily

ip lock got removed bro also check ur dm, i shared details about your condition

I do understand your hard work and your decision to lock the JS. I’m not experienced with escrow or encryption so you may have to find a way to encrypt the resources so it does not get leaked. Maybe you can change function names and callbacks to some crucial lines and escrow that specific file so it does not get leaked. [again, no idea what I’m talking about but its a suggestion to an idea]

ok tnx for sharing ur opinion, i will work on it

In regards to the last part of my question -

The concern I have would be if a player who is hired by the Police boss (which is a whitelisted job), goes to the job center to briefly change their job to like Pool Cleaner for example, would they be able to go back to the job center and obtain their whitelisted police job and rank again?

This is the table in SQL that currently handles this:

“users” table in SQL -

If the job is -1, the player does not see the option in the job center to select that whitelisted job. If the job is 0 or higher, (which is the rank the boss of the whitelist job set that player out) they can see the job and regain the job from the job center, at the correct rank that the boss set them as.

now i understood what u mean
i can customize the script by your desire no worries :slight_smile:
after your purchase i will connect to your vps and do the stuffs

that would be awesome, ill talk with my server and see if this is the route we want to go.

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Is it encrypted?

Just bought it - If it doesnt do the above, out of the box - ill let you know in DMs.

Getting that to work however, if it doesnt already - is critical.


The Authentication doesnt work… -.-

your license has been activated
you can test it now :slight_smile: